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Monday, January 21, 2008

   So close... *pants*

School is so close to being done! I'm going crazy here! TT_TT Today in Social Studies we had a test! I had no idea it was today either, so I failed it miserably! TT_TT Anyway, we also had a quiz in art that I studied for, but I'm pretty sure I aced it, art is so easy! ^^ Anyway, in art class, one of the guys drew all over another girl's binder with these really expensive oil bars (sorta like pastels, but with an oil base) Our teacher got so mad at him, and the girl was mad too, cuz he wrote some really insulting stuff, and it'll never come off.

Anyway, that's the most interesting thing that happened today, so... now for some questions

Queen of Sheba

1. What is your top 5 favorite bands?

2. How do you think bullies should be punished?

3. What do you prefer... jellyfish or sea urchins?

My Answers

1. I like Fatboy Slim, Family Force 5, Metric, Chemical Brothers, The White Stripes (all at this moment anyway, it changes everyday... ^^')

2. I think they should suffer the same way they make other kids suffer...

3. sea urchins, at least I can see them better...

Queen of Sheba

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