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Sunday, December 9, 2007


YES!!! It's only 1 WEEK until my mom gets back from Kenya!!! YAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! XDDDD I'm SO HYPER!!! YES!!!

When she comes, we're gonna talk and hang out so much, I can't WAIT!!!

Christmas is gonna be so much fun! It'll have been my first Christmas with my extended family in 4 years! However, it will also be my first Christmas without my dad since he has to stay in Kenya to work on the adoption... TT_TT


1. What does your family do special for Christmas?

2. What is you favorite holiday?

3. Is your Christmas centered around presents or Jesus?

My Answers

1. We do a program thingy at our family Christmas celebrations, as well as a Chinese gift exchange, and a HUGE feast that my uncle cooks up for us! Wow it's so much FUN!!! XD


3. When I was in Kenya, I only ever got 2 presents at most, we were so focused on the birth of Jesus. However, here in a more advanced country, Christmas has been centered around presents, I would have to say that my Christmas is centered around an equal portion of both.

Queen of Sheba

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