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Saturday, December 1, 2007

   Yay for Movie Marathons!!! XD

YIPEEEE!!! XD I'm at my best friend's house right now, and we're at our bathroom break in our movie marathon. Last night we went to youth group and hung out at the Baptist Church with a lot of our friends! It was so much fun. It was sports night, so we played a lot of games (including a rather violent and fun version of cops and robbers! I've got bruises all over me from it! XD)

OK, so last night, my friend and I went to the movie rental place and got a wack of movies, and now we're trying to watch them all. So far we've watched "Pan's Labyrinth" (my favorite movie!) "Shrek the 3rd" (a big dissappointment for me... TT_TT) and "Van Hellsing" (so corny it was funny! XD)

Right now we're watching "Blood Diamond" (another really good movie) and then we're gonna watch "Meet the Robinsons" and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"! XD Can't wait! XD


1. Have you seen any of these movies?

2. What sort of movies do you preffer?

3. Why?

My Answers

1. Yup

2. Action, Fantasy, or Horror! XD

3. They give me chills! XD

Queen of Sheba

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