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Friday, November 30, 2007

   Pushing bush... *barfs*

I now officially have another least favorite past-time! Besides school, I can now add pushing bush to the list!

OK, so let me start at the beginning! This morning was OK, I woke up around 10 to find a deer carcus hanging outside my window from the crane so the coyotes couldn't get it... o.O Yup, it kinda freaked me out, aspeccially since it was all skinned and gutted, so it was dripping blood... OK, to change the subject...

So, my cousin and I got upstairs and cleaned the kitchen, then I made lunch (deer stir fry and fried rice)

As soon as we finished eating, my uncle said that since today was the last day of hunting season, we were all going to go push bush until they got a deer.

If you don't know what pushing bush is, here it is...

Pushing bush is when a group of people spread out over the edge of a bush, then start walking through the bush in a serpantine fashion to force the deer out. The hunters wait on the other side of the bush to shoot the deer.

OK, so to start with, it's FREEZING COLD out!!! I'm serious, near the end of one bush, I had about an inch of hoar frost on my eyelashes! Also, my gloves and scarf froze stiff, as well as my sleeves! o.O

I finally got home just now, and my legs, arms, hands and cheeks are NUMB!!! Ayiyiyiyiyiyi!!!


1. Have you ever hunted or pushed bush before?

2. What are your views on hunting?

3. What are you doing tonight?

My Answers

1. Never hunted, but I have pushed bush...

2. to me, hunting is a sport and a way for food. (Yay deer jerkey! XD)

3. Going to youth group, then I'm sleeping over at my best friend's house since it's her birthday! XD YAY!

Queen of Sheba

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