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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

   This weekend is gonna be FUN!!! XD

Boy oh boy! I just can't wait till tomorrow!!! XD YAY! We get Friday off! And it's my best friend's birthday tomorrow! So we're gonna have a sleepover Friday night, and we're planning to watch movies till we barf!!! XD

Today was an average boring day. In art we're starting a new project! It's a mixed media, and we're supposed to do something on social problems... (racism, animal rights, etc.) I'm planning to do something on freedom of religion. It's supposed to have lots of blood and gore (sequences from the spanish inquisition, the crusades, and the holocaust.) Though I'm starting to think I want to do it more on racism or child labour, etc.

In Science, we've finished with Biology and are moving onto Physics *leans over and barfs* I HATE Physics!!! It's all math! I hate math too! Today was OK, since I had already learned what they were teaching. However, I was the only one who had ever learned it, so I had to help out some people to understand it. Oh well, that's how life is I guess... TT_TT

In Foods, we got to eat lasagnea, caesar salad, and garlic toast! XD It was so yummy! *rubs belly and purrs*

On the bus, one girl who sits behind me (not exactly all there... if you know what I mean?) Started singing to her ipod, and I mean LITERALLY KILLING the songs. I felt actual physical pain listening to her... TT_TT *poor songs*


1. What song have you liked that someone has ruined for you?

2. Do you take art class?

3. Do you paint?

My Answers

1. Blue, by Eiffel 65

2. Yes

3. Yup, it's so much fun! XD

Queen of Sheba

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