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Monday, November 26, 2007

   I'll never eat sour cream ever again!!!
OK, since a lot happened today, I'm gonna start at the beginning and go to the end... in order... so that I don't get messed up and forget something.

OK, so the morning is like any average Monday... I wake up late, barely catch the bus, and as chance would have it, it snowed last night! That would have been a good thing, except that living in Kenya for 4 years without access to snow sure softens you! So I'm literally freezing my arse off, and of course the bus doesn't have proper heating... XP

OK, I get to school, Social Studies is first class, and it was an exam today (which I totally forgot to study for over the weekend) so I was cramming between bells, though I think I actually did pretty good! XD

In art, I finally finished my painting! XD So I had to take it outside in the snow to put a layer of varnish on it, so I'm out there in the snow and wind, holding a wet painting and waiting for someone to come and open the door for me, since I can't set down the painting to open it. I was actually waiting there for about 10 minutes! I don't think I've ever been that cold before! XP

Sooo... at lunch break I got some more pictures scanned, (about 6 maybe) so I'm gonna try putting them into my portfolio. Next period was Science, so we were dissecting a frog. OK, now I normally OK with dissections (I actually excel in them!) But today was NOT GOOD at all!!! OK, first, the frogs weren't stored in the normal solution... no, this was some sour smelling solution, and boy it STUNK!!! XP I honestly almost barfed, and as chance would have it, next period in foods, we're making perrogies. (spelling?) I normally LOVE perrogies, but these were NASTY! Something in them made them smell and taste EXACTLY like the solution that the frogs were stored in in science... so I barfed... yeah... XP

OK, to get that out of the way, school finally ended, I got home, and now here I am... that was my day!


1. What's your favorite ethnic food?

2. What are you listening to right now?

3. What's the most interesting feature in the room you're in?

My Answers

1. Ethiopian!!! XD

2. "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada! XD

3. The undecorated Christmas tree in the corner of the room...

Queen of Sheba

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