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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

   more news...

OK, here's some more news from my mom... apparantly, she gets here December 16, then goes back to Kenya on January 9. It also appears that mom and dad get back in Febuary, meaning that by then, my brother will already be there on his trip and will see them before me... it also means that I'll have not seen my little brother for 7 months... *tiredly shakes head* I can't believe it, I feel so abandoned, and just feel like giving up, I've never felt this much like crying before, but I can't get the tears out. Also, I feel so weak, I can't get up in the mornings anymore, and my stress level is rising to its limit *drags self off of floor*

TOday I forgot my lunch, but luckily had brought my wallet, so I got a burger and fries from the cafeteria, but I forgot to put anything on the burger cuz I was in such a hurry, and there was nothing for the fries. So basically it was a thin dry hamburger patty in a soggy bun with cold plain fries for lunch... XP My day didn't get much better even after that. I was aiming for the computer lab to read some manga on the web, when our youth group leader cornered me and got be wrapping big boxes for Santas Anonymous (a fund drive for kids with no presents) so that used up my lunch period. To make it worse, my cousing didn't have to go to school today because she was hunting, and she didn't even get around to hunting until later on in the morning... it's so unfair!

Tomorrow I'm walking all the way across town to my brother's house after school, because my school ends at 3:30, and he finishes work at 4:00. In other words, I'm gonna freeze my rear off to go see my big brother... I don't know if this is a good thing or not... TT_TT Sorry to bore you with my rant, just having a bad day... TT_TT


1. How do you usually respond to excess stress?

2. What is your opinion on this post?

3. Would you rather freeze to death, or burn to death?

My Answers

1. I get tired and drained, and just wanna cry...

2. n/a

3. normally I'd say freeze to death, but it's been so cold lately that I'm not sure I'd choose that right now... >.<

Queen of Sheba

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