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Monday, November 19, 2007

Oi... sorta good news... but not as good as I hoped...

So, I got an email from my mom in Kenya. Apparently, it's impossible for my whole family to be back by Christmas, only my mom. Then she goes back to Kenya (I think) to finish the adoption. Anyway, that's how it is I guess. TT.TT

OK, so... my day was pretty average, actually, considering that is was a Monday, it was actually pretty good. ^^ ... except for that email... TT_TT OK, so I'm gonna try scanning some pictures to put on my fanart section in my portfolio (at last) I'm gonna try to get it done tomorrow, trust me, I'll tell you when it happens. Oh yeah, also, to those of you who haven't checked, I do have some more new wallpapers, so please check em out. ^^ (AND COMMENT!!! *gets on knees* PLEASE!!! >_<

Anyway, my cousin went hunting after school again, and she was SO close to finally shooting the buck she's had her eyes on for ever, but she still hasn't gotten it! Poor her, she's just dying, she wants to go hunting again today, but it's too dark. ;_;


1. Do you have any special plans for Christmas

2. Have you ever gone hunting?

3. How many cousins do you have?

My Answers

1. Not yet, just celebrate with my family.

2. nope, but I want to...

3. 19, plus one who died in the womb...

Queen of Sheba

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