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Sunday, November 18, 2007

   First attept at oil painting... failed... TT.TT

Blah! Oil painting sure doesn't like me! TT_TT I really don't get it, it's basically the opposite of accrylic, and it's so hard to clean the paintbrushes TT_TT Because I didn't know any more, I emptied the turps into the sink! *covers face* BIG MISTAKE!!! My aunty was taking a nap upstairs, but came to my rescue (since they were her oils from when she was a teenager, she could help me) After all, all I was able to do was paint the background colour, but oh well, I guess that's the same with accrylics.

So, the reason I was trying oil painting is because I'm trying to paint a picture for my aunty and uncle for Christmas (since I don't have money to buy them all a present) I'm only got two presents so far for Christmas (to give) I have a sweater and touque for my little brother, and two movies for my mom (the Passion, and The Nativity Story). I don't know what to get my dad though TT_TT He's so hard to buy for, as well as my older brother.

Oh yeah, congradulations go out to my brother because he's finally managed to quit his job at the Oli mill (pig slaughter factory...) and now works for a construction company, much closer, cleaner, and enjoyable!!! XD


1. Do you celebrate Christmas?

2. Do you have any presents to give yet?

3. Have you ever tried painting in oils or accrylics?

My Answers

1. You bet!!!

2. Yup... (read post)

3. yes for both

Queen of Sheba

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