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Friday, November 16, 2007

   Weird day...

Woah... for today being a Friday... it sure SUCKED!!! TT_TT So... it all start in Social Studies... Ok, so we have a sub today for unknown reasons, and of course we start a new project that no-one knows how to do... including the sub... TT_TT

So... after a long time of stumbling around on the web trying to figure out what to do, the bell finally rings. I get to art, and as I'm pumping acrylic paint onto my pallete to start painting (RED, PLASTIC BASED ACRYLIC PAINT...) and it somehow gets squirted all over my sweat shirt! TT_TT So I pull off my sweatshirt and start scrubbing it under the tap, but only manage to spread the stain... TT_TT anyways, I hang it on my desk and manage to spread a large pool of red water around my desk and all over the floor, so my Art teacher finally took me to the cosmotolegy room to wash it (where by pure chance I forgot it... and it's Friday, meaning I can't get it tomorrow... TT_TT) So anyway, I finally finish art, have lunch, then in Science, I'm busting my butt to finish this one project, and of course it turns out not to be due yet... meaning more unavoidable stress for the weekend... TT_TT

So... that was my worst part of the day... sorry if it bored you...

So... to turn the mood of this post, there's two choices for what to do, swimming or bowling ^^ yay! And tomorrow we get to paintball our youth leader's garage, this is gonna be AWESOME!!! XD


1. If you had to choose a way to die, what would it be?

2. If you had to choose between living on the beach or in the mountains, which would it be?

3. why?

My Answers

1. In my own bed, at an old age, with my mind and concience at rest.

2. That's a really hard choice for me, since I've lived near both, but at the moment, I'd say the beach.

3. Because it's warm and relaxing.

Queen of Sheba

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