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Friday, November 16, 2007


Wow, this week has gone so fast!!! XD Tomorrow is Friday... there's noting really special happening, but on Saturday, we get to go paintball our youth group leaders garage... OH YEAH!!! XD It's gonna be so much fun!

So, I'm finally done my T-shirt design for the PCDG (P----- Composite Designe Group [P----- is home town...]) It actually looks pretty good, and the deadline's tomorrow, man I'm glad to be done, *sign of relief* time to rest...


1. What homework do you have?

2. What's your favorite cartoon? (not anime)

3. Why?

My Answers

1. This weird poster thing for Science *gags*

2. Probably roadrunner and wily coyote... or else just old cartoons in general, like tweety bird, daffy duck and bugs bunny, etc.

3. Because I grew up on them, and they're amusing (for my puny mind at least...)

Queen of Sheba

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