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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

   School has finally started...

Oi, I'm so EXHAUSTED!!! The school year has finally started, and I'm so tired. Last night, my cousin and me were so excited and scared about the new school, that we just couldn't sleep, so I read to her out of "70 Years of Miracles" (such a good book!) until about 1 am, when we finally got to sleep, it felt that we were only out for about a minute, when my uncle woke us up. We made it to the bus on time, and when we got to school at last, I found my locker, and actually managed to open it ^^

My first class was Social Studies, which was really cool, because the teacher was a Christian, so that was nice ^^ My next class was Art, then Science. The Science teacher was a transfer teacher from Wales, so that was really cool too ^^ My last class was Food Studies, (SO boring!).

Well, right now I'm too beat to write anything else. Have a good day ^^

Queen of Sheba

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