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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

   New school...o.O

Oh man, now I'm really freaking out! I just registered into my new school today. I've got my coarses, locker, and planner. The school looks nice, and the teachers I've met are nice too, but it didn't really feel real to me until today that I'm going to a new school. I'm taking the regular classes, as well as Art, computer, foods, and indipendent living. There's only 4 classes a day, and art is my second period, I can't wait to get started. I haven't been the new kid for so long, I guess I'm used to being the old glove, now I'm gonna feel like the oddball again...I hope people there remember how it is to be new, cuz I think that helps people open up to the new kid. I can feel my shyness increase when I enter that school, and I'm glad beyond all measures that my mom and brother have already gone to that school, and that my cousin is going into the same grade as me in the same school, so I guess that makes it better.


1. How many times have you been the "new kid"?

2. What sort of school do you attend? (ie. homeschool, Catholic, Public, etc.)

3. Do you like your school?

My Answers

1. I've only ever attended one other school since I was homeschooled for my first 5 years.

2. public

3. I don't know yet o.O

My cousins are here to pick me up now, I don't think I can visit today, but I'll try ^^'

Queen of Sheba

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