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Saturday, August 25, 2007

   Mixed Feelings...

I'm not quite sure what I'm feeling right now. I mean, I had an awesome sleepover with my friend, but my dad sorta deflated me just now. To start, I'll tell you how the sleepover went...

We started out with a movie (Corpse Bride) then went on to watch "the *something I can't remember* horror". It was gory and graphic, but pretty good (sorry I can't remember the full name) Then we watched "the Village" (AN AWESOME MOVIE!!!) Which I borrowed. Then we watched "Lady in the Water" which I found kind of boring, but by the time that ended, we were both dead on out feet, so we went to bed at 1 am, (not so bad I know, but we were both exhausted to begin with) I slept till noon, then we had some eggs and cereal for lunch, and went onto youtube.com to watch music videos. Then we watched "6th Sense", then went out and drew for a few hours. By the time I got around to calling my dad to pick me up, it was around 8pm, of course, I didn't realize how late it was, since the sun was still up (in Kenya, the sun always rises and sets at seven). So I get into the house and ask what's for supper, and my dad and grandparents get this shocked look, and just can't believe that I haven't eaten yet. So I got into a quarrel with my dad about that, but here I am with some leftover hamburger and frence fries.

Soooo...that was my day.


1. When you have mixed feelings, what do they usually consist of?

2. Have you ever seen "the Village"? If so, what did you think of it?

3. What do you think of horror movies?

My Answers

1. today, it was exhillerations from the sleepover, and disbelief at what a jerk at what my dad can be.

2. yup, it was awesome, another film with a twist ending ^^ I love them (that's why I also like 6th Sense)

3. Some can be good, and I tend to watch them to give me ideas to draw ^^

Queen of Sheba

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