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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

   I'm so scared ;_;

Man, I never realized how scary it is to see someone hurt until today. School started today, and the day was going well, until me and my friend were heading to PE, and our friend R___ (names not given, I'm sure you understand ^^) came running out yelling something about T__ having a seizure. We ran into the gym, and saw a group around him, and he was lying on the ground. I ran down the stands, and I saw that his eyes were open, but nothing was registering. R___ ran for a teacher, and came back with the infirmary nurse, Mrs. R_____, and I think that the scariest part was when she kept calling for him to squeeze her hand, and he didn't. They carried him to a vehicle to go to the hospitol, and all of this has happened about 40 minutes ago, on the first day of school O_o

Queen of Sheba

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