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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


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O_o I'm back...well, not really...

Hello my fellow myotakuians! I'm back...sorta. O_o I know that summer has been going on for weeks now, it's just that...I don't want to be in myotaku anymore. -.- It's gotten boring. Now, the only thing I come here for is to submit wallpapers. So, I'm thinking of shutting my site off but keeping my account on so I can submit wallpapers. As a result, I'm probably gonna be shutting down my clubs (site's included as well). So, whoever has a banner of Kyo or Sasuke or something and they don't want to take it down, feel free to leave it up. I pretty much don't care. So, from here on forth, this site shall be on Haitus! I'll be changing the intro and what not to a Haitus banner some time later on.


As I said, I'm still going to submit wallpapers. And so far, I've submitted two new ones. I haven't made any more new ones in a while. I'm currently working on a fanfiction for a contest in deviantart so I haven't been doing much but working on the fanfic.

And yes, you read right. I am at deviantart now. So, go there sometime and check it out if you want. I'm active there, unlike here.

Click here to go to my DA account.

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