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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Happy Easter!! XD

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Hello everyone! Sorry for being gone so long. This past week, I've been having my Spring Break. I went to a bunch of places and didn't go on the computer a lot. And Friday and yesterday when I was on the computer, I spent it playing Lineage2. They updated the game and I spent an hour downloading it, then the rest paying it. Level 70 character now! ^-^

And also, I always make some time to make wallpapers. Here are my latest. Beware, there's a lot since my last update.

Gravitation- Yuki and Shuichi
Gravitation- Yuki and Shuichi
Full Metal Alchemist- Edward Elric
Final Fantasy VII- Cloud Strife
Full Metal Alchemist- Edward and Alphonse Elric
Final Fantasy VIII- Squall Leonhart
Full Metal Alchemist- Edward Elric
Naruto- Kakashi Hatake
D.N.Angel- Daisuke Niwa
Golden Sun- Isaac
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children- Cloud and Tifa
Full Metal Alcehimst- Winry Rockbell
D.N.Angel- Daisuke Niwa
D.N.Angel- Daisuke Niwa
Ah My Goddess
Pilot Candidate- Zero Enna
Ah My Goddess
Bleach- Ichigo
Gravitation- Yuki and Shuichi
Ah My Goddess
Death Note- Light
Full Metal Alchemist- Edward Elric
Naruto- Naruto
Full Metal Alchemist- Edward Elric
Pilot Candidate- Hiead Gnr
Fushigi Yugi
Kingdom Hearts 2- Riku
Devil May Cry- Dante
Final Fantasy VII- Aerith
Final Fantasy VIII- Squall Leonhart
Wild Arms- Rudy Roughknight
Wild Arms- Calamity Jane

Yeah...I think I went a little wallpaper crazy again... O_o And there's still more wallies I want to do...

And just so you know, I've never watched/read 'Ah My Goddess' and 'Fushigi Yugi'. I just thought the pictures looked pretty so I made a wallpaper out of them. Which is why I didn't put a name after the title, I don't know their names...

And here are some wallies that didn't get accepted...dunno why...O_o except for one...I know why...

Gravitation- Yuki x Shuichi (Beware...sorta graphic... O_o but not really...not for the faint of heart...or non-yaoi lovers...)
Full Metal Alchemist- Edward and Alphonse Elric (My Favorite! ^-^)
Naruto- Sasuke x Naruto (Yeah...so it's yaoi, sue me...)

Oh, and I made four new greetings as well. I was gonna make five to make it an even 30, but I'm not sure what to make my last one...

D.N.Angel- Satoshi and Daisuke
'Best of Friends'
Full Metal Alcehmist- Edward Elric
'Reach out and touch someone' (XD I had to do this for this picture!!)
Fruits Basket- Kyo Sohma
'I didn't run fast enough and I've been caught by a fangirl'
Fruits Basket- Kyo Sohma
'Can someone PLEASE get these cats OFF ME?!' (XD Another one I just had to do!)

My club stats for this past week!
Anime Lover's Club- 47 Members
Sasuke Fan Club- 35 Members
Gravitation Fan Club- 36 Members
Kyo-Kun Fan Club- 157 Members
Squall Fan Club- 13 Members
Juvenile Orion Fan Club- 7 Members
Loveless Fan Club- 2 Members

Oh, and it's Easter, isn't it? So, I made somthing for today! ^-^

Happy Easter! Look, Dark's giving you an egg!! XD

XD Just a little bit of photoshop magic to get Dark to hold an egg for easter!

Well okay! Most of you got the mystery picture right! It was the Commander from FLCL.


And for those of you reading this, I know I have the keyblade cursor, but I like it so I don't feel like taking it off. I've had it on for a long time now and no matter what theme I have up, I always have the keyblade cursor on as well. Just to clear that up.

Okay! Next mystery picture!
Hint- He's such a brat...



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