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Monday, August 29, 2005

   Graphic Designer

Current Theme- Jounouchi Katsuya

Man, school passed by so slow for me...it was insane.

Apparently, I have a test for Spanish tomorrow. Not to mention, I have to stay after school to make up a test that I missed. Again, for Spanish.

I am officially the graphic designer for my school club. Well, not my club, but a club me and my friends are trying to start. The Anime Club. Actually, it's called the Japanese Culture Club. (So the school will allow us to make the club possible, it sounds a lot better than the anime club, doesn't it?) I'm gonna be making stuff for the site that we're gonna have. (Mostly because I have Photoshop and nobody else does! ^-^)

Okay, the reason my day went so slow for me is because I'm expecting the Exceed game in the mail. You ever notice that when you want something, you're life feels so slow that you just wanna rip your hair of your head?

Before I forget, it's Monday. New Kanji of the week.

Let's see, the new song is an FF9 song. It's called Melody of Corruption.

My club stats for today!
Anime Lover's Club- 37 Members
Sasuke Fan Club- 23 Members
Gravitation Fan Club- 35 Members
Kyo-Kun Fan Club- 137 Members
Squall Fan Club- 6 Members
(Newly Added) Juvenile Orion Fan Club- 6 Members

The Kyo-Kun Fan Club and Anime Lovers Club are still almost to their next ones. Kyo-Kun Fan Club has 137 and the Anime Lovers Club has 37. Almost to 140 and 40. Special banners for each. You know the drill.

Oh, and before I forget, SessLover18 made this a long time ago and I wanted to put it up on my site, but I keep forgeting. You can put it up too if you like it. I did. (It's not a club or anything, just a cool banner)

I've decided my next theme. I'm gonna continue with the Yu-Gi-Oh! theme and make it Seto Kaiba. I'm doing it in honor of my friend, Jill. She really like Seto Kaiba (I mean, A LOT) so, I'm making my next theme Seto for her. But, I'm still gonna leave Jou on for a while. I mean, Seto might be her favorite character, but Jou is mine. ^-^

Okay, the mystery picture was pretty easy. 2 out of 3 got it right. ShaniKun and whitecat got it right.

Winry Rockbell (In her hint, the 'A.M' standed for Auto Mail

Okay, next mystery picture.

Mystery Picture-
Hint- Can't think of one...sorry. O.o




To be affiliated with me, feel free to PM me with a 50 x 50 button for your club.
If you don't have one, I'll be happy to make you one. ^-^

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