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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Current Theme- Cloud Strife

Yay! It's the weekend! ^-^ I've changed the song at the top (If you can even hear it O.o) to Sandy Badlands. It's another Final Fantasy VII song. I'm gonna try and change the songs to different songs when I can.

Oh, and I forgot to change the kanji this week. Yeah...what with School, I can't really do that anymore. I'll try to log on sometime during Monday (If I don't have too much homework) to change it.

For this weekend, I have to finish a test my teacher gave me and read the next chapter of the book she gave me. Let's see, our grades were horrible on the tests so she gave us a 25 question test on all the chapters we were supposed to read. I actually read the book, unlike half of the class, so I'm not worried about failing. And it says at the top of the page 'For those of you who passed the previous tests and pass this one, this will be added as extra credit'. So basically, I'm getting extra credit.

My club stats for today!
Anime Lover's Club- 28 Members
Sasuke Fan Club- 23 Members
Gravitation Fan Club- 34 Members
Kyo-Kun Fan Club- 132 Members
(Newly Added) Squall Fan Club- 6 Members

The Anime Lovers Club is almost to it's 30th member. You know the drill, whoever joins as the 30th member gets a special banner made just for them.

I have yet to start working on the Kyo Banner for the 130th member- kyorocks9490. I have too much homework to do!! It's driving me crazy!! But I will start on it soon. Hopefully...

I don't think I'll be able to change my theme for a while (I have to make the Background for it, the avatar, the welcome banner, etc.) but I don't even know what to put up. Any ideas for my next theme?

Okay. Only two people got the mystery picture right. whitecat and raven fire93. The picture was Krad from D.N.Angel.


Next mystery picture! ^-^

Mystery Picture-
Hint- His Japanese name is 'Katsuya' (I like it much better than his American name)



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