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Saturday, July 9, 2005

   The site is finished!

Alright! I finished the Squall Fan club site! ^-^ Here's a button to go there.

My club stats for today!
Anime Lover's Club- 15 Members
Sasuke Fan Club- 16 Members
Gravitation Fan Club- 31 Members
Kyo-Kun Fan Club- 113 Members
(Newly Added) Squall Fan Club- 2 Members

YAY!! I finally got what I've been waiting for in the mail!! I ordered the 12th book of Gravitation a couple of days ago. I've been DYING to know how the series ends!! I stopped reading it to come and post here though. But after this, I'm going straight back to reading it. ^-^

Oh, and I got XBOX Live yesterday! ^-^ Me and my brother have been taking turns playing Halo 2 Online. It's so much fun! We even got the headset, so we can talk to people too.

I made a new banner for myself that features the Squall Fan Club. It's with the rest of my founder banners.

And I changed my avatar to a different one of Squall I made yesterday. I made it transparent, well, just a little. And I've been trying to change the songs daily. I don't even know if you can hear it. O.o I hope you can. Today's song is 'A Sacrifice' A great Final Fantasy VIII song.

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