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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An update on life as of 9/2/09
So today is my last day of work for the week. (Thank God) I only work from Monday-Wednesday, 3 pm to 10 pm, all three days. And sometimes, my boss will call me to work extra days. While that's great for my wallet, not so much for my mood. I really REALLY hate work. But that was the only place that would hire me.

But anyway, moving on; I just recently bought a PSP. I've never had one and after the new Dissidia game came out, I knew I HAD to buy it. And so I went out and bought a PSP and the new Final Fantasy Dissidia game. And I must say, that game is AWESOME. The fighting style is different from the typical command-final-fantasy style. But I actually like it better that way. After a little bit into the game, it gives you an option to change it to the old command style system or to keep it action based. I tried the command style on there and it was HARD. I almost lost my battle to Squall! xD

But I'm happy I bought it. I actually had my mom buy it, and I'd pay her back later, since I get payed so little each week. But she knows I'll pay her back, so she did it. Now I owe her for the PSP and the new Nintendo DS Lite I had to buy two weeks ago after loosing mine at a con I recently went to.

Speaking of cons, I really love going to them. I go to everyone I can. In fact, there's this one coming up that I really want to go to (Especially since it's an anime/gaming convention; my two favorite things, TOGETHER!) but it's like, a 2 hour drive from my house. In order to go, I'd need to save up money for a hotel room. Not to mention the ticket fee and any swag I wanna buy. I'd need a lot of moolah. And I still owe my mom, so this could be a problem.

And, I hate going alone, so I wouldn't want to go if I'm the only one going. There's just something about cons that makes it more fun when you're with friends.

Holy crap, I wrote a lot. I'll stop here now. I gotta get ready for work anyway. Byes. <3

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