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Friday, January 14, 2005

   Spirit Quiz

Take the Spirit Quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

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   Gravitation Story
When was the last time I posted something...? Ah well. I saw a movie yesterday. I saw Lemony Snicketís: A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was alright. Well, Iím posting because I have a story for all of you. Well, okay, me and Yasmin have a story for all of you. You see, she wanted to write a Gravitation story and I offered to help. Sheís only read books 1 and 2 and Iíve seen all 4 DVDís and read books 1-6 so, I think I could help. Iím supplying information while she writes the story. I mean, Iím gonna write some of it sometimes but sheís basically writing the whole thing. She just finished chapter 1 with the info I gave her. I think itís good but Iím not sure. So, you all can read it! And, even if youíve never watched Gravitation and want to read/see it, you can read this if you want. Since the story is the entire story from Yukiís POV. Just read the summary and youíll see. And do to Yasminís need to write a lemon, Iím gonna be cutting that part out since I donít think MyOtaku allows that kinda stuff here...even if they do, I just wanna be on the safe side. Anyway, hereís the chapter. Tell me what you guys think. I wanna know if you think itís good enough.

Title- (As of now...no title...we canít think of one...you can comment with suggestions if you want.)
Rated- PG-13 (For now anyway because I know Yasmin and sheíll want to write a lemon...)
Genre- Romance/Comedy
Summary- *Spoilers* Throughout the Gravitation mangaís and animation, Shuichiís POV was used. But what if it was in Yukiís POV instead?

Disclaimer- I donít own Gravitation or any part of this plot line too. Whatever any of them says, was taken from the DVDís, word for word. So, itís not mine either.


Chapter 1- The Encounter

Yukiís POV

People say love is pure. The highlight of a manís life. That love is never a weakness, but a

Do any of us really believe that? That love can do the wonderís people want it to, that we can do anything if we have love?

I sure as hell donít believe that. But thatís what I put into otherís minds. Iím a novelist. I write romance novels for my female and male readers who canít get any.

My next bookís deadline is tomorrow. I need inspiration, I canít seem to be able to ends my novel. Damn romance.

I take a long drag of my cigarette and slowly exhale. My head buzzís from the effect of the cigarette. I run a hand through my hair slowly, walking on the pavement walkway in the park.

I stuff my hand back in my pocket and take another long drag of my cigarette. Damn it! How the hell am I going to finish my book?!

The wind blows against me, pressing my dark suit against my body. My hair whips around my face.

A small piece of paper whips through the air as the wind starts to settle. The paper floats down and lands before my feet.

I lean down and pick up the piece of paper. In neat kanji, a disgusting mushy love poem is printed. I read through the lyrics and canít help but grimace.

I look up from the paper after I finished reading it, knowing someone was in front of me. A young pink haired man stands before me, panting and glaring at the paper in my hand.

"Did you write this?" I ask while looking at him. The boyís hand twitches. His eyes, once again, slide to the piece of paper in my hand.

"Wha? Oh...um y-yes." he answers quietly. I glance over the boys cloths in apprehension. A white jacket over a yellow sleeved shirt, light brown cargo pants and an orange backpack.

Surprise and anxiety shined in his indigo eyes. The wind whips around both of us, playing with my hair. We stand there for a minute just staring at each other.

"You know nothing," I say after a while. "You call this a love song? Hmph." I snort and lower my eyes. I lift the paper above me shoulder and let it go, letting the wind take it.

The paper whips around in the air before landing in a bush nearby. I walk forward and stand beside the boy. I take another drag of my cigarette and slowly let it out.

"It's the worst thing I've ever read." I sneer. "You've got zero talent." I stick my cigarette in my mouth and start to walk away.

"Uh...What?!" I hear his distant voice crack. I hear his bag drop to the ground but continue walking. "Why did you ha..." His voice fades as I get farther away.

The lyrics play through my mind, running like a broken record. I ran another hand through my hair, gritting my teeth.

'Damn that boy!' I think throwing my cigarette on the ground. I crush it and continue walking home. I stick my hands in my pocket.

It seems to me that I have found my inspiration for my book.


I am driving my black Mercedes. I just finished my novel. MY publisher Mizuki, Kanna is editing it. I dropped it off to her earlier. She just beamed at me and silently took the novel.

Hornís honk around me, the light turns green. I keep one hand on the wheel, looking for a cigarette with the other. I throw some things into the back seat, searching for it.

Damn it! I need a smoke! I curse lightly giving up finding my box of cigarettes. What good is a lighter without something to light?

A figure flashes twenty feet in front of my car. 'Fuck!' I think. I spin the wheel trying to avoid hitting the person, swerving the car. The tires slip on the wet road, slashing water on whoever was standing there.

My car skids and comes to a stop. I sit in the darkly tinted car for a minute. The figure stands there, arms stretched out, panting. Itís the same boy from the previous night.

"Fucking asshole!"I mutter. I kick my door open and get out of the car. Behind me, six cars have also skid out of control all over the street.

I stand glaring at the pink haired boy. My dark black suit and blue dress shirt getting soaked the falling rain. The boy is also soaked looking like a dripping wet dog.

My eyes burn with anger, While all I can do is glare at him, All hell would break loose if I said anything. Oh well, I guess all hell will break loose.

End of the Chapter 1


So that was it. I wrote like a small part of this chapter. Actually, I typed it and while I was typing it, I changed little things here and there. I didnít really write anything. Just changed a few things to make it sound better. Leave comments and tell me what you think. ^-^

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

   Eiri Yuki
I fell alseep yesterday and couldn't post nothing. Remember how I told everyone that my friends made me Kagura from Fruits Basket 'casue I loved Kyo so much? And then I made myself Dark? Well, today, I was just name Yuki. Krystal said she acted like Ryuichi (which she actually does...that's scary...) and that I act like Yuki because I'm always so cold to her and everydoby else. I only somewhat nice to my other friend, Yasmin, and she made her Shuichi. She only said I'm nice to her because I don't kick her. I kick Krystal when she gets on my nerves...which is basically everyday...so, I'm Yuki, Krystal is Ryuichi, and Yasmin is Shuichi. Actually, she started saying these really perverted things about Eiri and Shuichi so we made her Tatsuha. She sure acts like him, that's for sure. Just wanted to tell everyone. ^-^

Oh, and I remember watching this movie thingy on TV once a while ago. I thought it was so awesome! It was called Galerians: Rion. I loved it! And, just recently, my brother brought the game. It's called Gallerians: Ash. You get to play as Rion and you have all the awesome powers he has! I love it! Here's some pics of Rion 'cause I feel like putting them up. ^-^

Yeah. The last picture is Cain. Cain has powers just like Rion and he looks EXACTLY like Rion. He's alot creeper though...

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Monday, January 10, 2005

   The Retarded Anime Fan Name Generator

My Kawaii Kawaii Sugoi Nihongo Namae is Kawaii Kawaii Ninja Penguin -San.
Take The Retarded Anime Fan Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I actually started to draw the picture of Tatsuha. So far, only the right side of his face. I say it looks alright.

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

   A Puzzle! ^-^

I'm having problems with myOtaku. It says I have 3 new messages but I can't read them. Every time I click to go to the private messages, I doesn't have anything new. It even says 3 new messages at the top but it won't show them. I'm just confused now. Enjoy the puzzle. ^-^

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

   My Eiri Yuki!

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   More Gravi Pictures!
I ran out of time yesterday before I got to put up all the pictures I wanted to. It's not alot though.

Let's see...starting from the top left corner, is Mika. Followed by Tohma under her. We then see a pissod of/scared Eiri who has Shuichi holding onto his arm. Ryuichi is biting Shuichi's head. Next to Ryu is Hiro. Next to Hiro is Suguru and last but not least, Mr. Sakano. I finally remembered Fujisaki's first name. It's Suguru. Suguru Fujisaki. So...um...yeah.

Starting with a love-sick Tasuha grabbing onto Ryuchi who's grabbing onto Shuichi, almost pulling his pants off but not all the way, followed by Shuichi trying to grab a VERY pissed of Yuki.

Shuichi holding onto Yuki's arm. By the looks of it, he's not letting go anytime soon...

This is Eiri almost kissing Shuichi.

So, that's it! See? That's wasn't alot.

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   11 MEMBERS?!
There's 11 members in the Kyo-Kun Fan Club!! Yesterday, I had about 8 and then today, I get on and have like 3 private messages saying they want to join! I'm so happy! ^-^ And, I got word from the Kingdom Hearts Fan Club. I joined that too! ^-^

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I found this funny picture on google. You see, I was looking for Final Fantasy VIII pictures for my project and I found this hilarious picture. I never like Rinoa so I really like this picture! ^-^

Oh yeah, and everyone go visit Silent Love's site!! She's having a Fruits Basket quiz! Pick your favorite character! ^-^ So everyone, go and vote!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

   Gravitation pics! Yay! ^-^
All these Gravi pics were bought to you by Yuki-sama who has an awesome website where all these pictures where found. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any good Gravi pics by myself but I did find LOTS of them at Yuki-sama's website. By the way, I'm not talking about his Otaku website. I'm talking about his website button thingy in his menu. Awesome site. Anywho, here are Gravi pics! Yay! ^-^

This one is Mika Seguchi (Eiri's sister) and Eiri Yuki.

This is the star vocalist of Nittle Grasper- Shuichi's favorite band, Ryuichi Sakuma.

This is Eiri with his so called "fiancť", Ayaka Usami. Sorry, but I don't really like Ayaka.

This is Shuchi's best friend, Hiroshi Nakano and Yuki.

This is Bad Luck's producer, Mr. Sakano.

This is Yuki with the President of NG Records, Tohma Seguchi. Tohma is married to Yuki's sister, Mika. NG Records is the company that represents Bad Luck, Shuichi's band.

This is Yuki and Tatusha Uesugi, his younger brother who looks EXACTLY like him except with black hair and black eyes. It's freaky.

This is Hiro, Fujisaki (don't remember his first name, never do...) and Mr. Sakano. Yes, Mr Sakano is the one spinning in the middle. He gets nervous really easy...

It's Shuichi Shindou!

This is Bad Lucks manager, Mr. K, next to Ryuichi Sakuma, Shuichi's idol.

This is Fujisaki. The one that I don't remember his first name. And, I still don't. He's a member of Bad Luck. The synthesizer of the band.

This is Hiroshi Nakano. Also a member of Bad Luck. He's their guitarist.

This is Mika Seguchi. Tohma's wife and Eiri's and Tatsuha's sister.

This is the president of NG Records, Tohma Seguchi. Mika's Husband and Yuki's and Tatsuha's new brother. He used to be a part of the band, Nittle Grasper. Nittle Grasper contained Ryuchi Sakuma, Tohma Seguchi, and Noriko. I can't remember Noriko's last name right now. In case you were wondering, NG in NG Records, stands for Nittle Grasper.

This is Eiri's so called "fiancť", Ayaka Usami. You could only see the back of her head, now, you actually see her. She cares deeply for Yuki and wants his happiness over everything.

This is Mr. K. Bad Luck's manager. He used to be Ryuichi's manager.

This is Yuki's and Mika's younger brother, Tatsuha Uesugi. Reason why all their last names are different- Mika married Tohma Seguchi and became Seguchi, Eiri's real last name is Uesugi and his pen name is Yuki, while Tatsuha stays with the family name. He is only 16. What? Didn't I metion that...? Yuki's...well, I'm not sure how old Yuki is...but he's alot older that Tatsuha and Tatsuha looks just like him!! He's even taller thatn Shuichi who's 19!!

I showed my friend the first Graphic Novel of Gravitation and I tld about it. Her first reaction was 'Eww!' but I forced to read it. Now, she can't get enought of it! She's on book 3! ^-^

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