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Friday, February 22, 2008

Triple Check THat
broken post #20. I guess I will add whatever i can to this post whenever i get around to doing that.

I finished GunGrave, so I started a new anime called Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad
I have watched Taxi Driver, Se7en, The Talented Mr.Ripley, and Stroszek which i have to say is one of the most simplest yet amazing movies I have ever seen. I am not fucking kidding when I say that I loved that movie. I also downloaded the Star Wars series which I have never been able to really watch and enjoy without getting distracted. I finished a book called Angel Seeker and also DID NOT get A Clockwork Orange book yet....its not my fault! I was at the library today and everything....its just that.....I dont know, i will get it though. Also I got invited by Trevor to a party for his band this Saturday. He said its their 2nd gig and the 1st gig he said there were around 50 people but I think thats an exaggeration. I also got accepted into ODU college. Dont ask me what it stands for because I forget. lets see, today for Business Law the deputy came in and you know where I was? I was overslept. That sucked. Technical drawing was OK. Lunch was pointless and quick. English we made something about this green knight and five fifths and whatever. Programming was boring as usual. went home and fell asleep. blah blah blah, repetitive pattern

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thantom thank you
Beowulf Modernization (it was done in a hurry for my English 12 class)
A thought-filled drug lord named Derrick sits on his throne, being sucked deeper into its 100% polyester cotton cushions. A man who seems to care about his money above all, even his own health is less important. If his customers died he knew that only other will replace them. But one week he noticed something very wrong about his profits. The total $85,000 came up, again he counted it. It was the same as before,$85,000. He had lost half his profit in less than a week! Derrick knew he had to find out what was happening and find out fast. He gathered two of his men and told them to go check on his dealers and search around and find his money. After a day of waiting he received no phone call, no knock on his door with a briefcase full of money, his money did not appear. This bothered him greatly over 2 nights and finally received something but something he did not want. In front of his apartment was a trash bag leaking. Leaking what he already knew, but cut it opened anyways to confirm what he already knew was inside it. As a hand tumbled out he stood up and kicked the bag over, letting all of the other limbs come tumbling out. He cursed and screamed and shouted at whoever did this, within a few minutes he had calmed down and thought of what next to do, what was going to be his next move to get his money back. As he looked over to his counter he saw a picture of his father and his fathers friend, Hector, thats when he made up his mind. He rushed over to his phone and called Hector, who reluctantly answered. Derrick explained everything to him and asked him if he could help him out. Hector said he would gather some men and be over in a day. As Hector had said he arrived the next day with four fierce some brutish looking men. As they walked in Hector grinned and said "please, sit down" in his most comforting voice. Yet none of them moved an inch until Hector motioned them to sit. Derrick walked towards Hector and shook his hand and looked at his face as if he has not seen him in ages. As they both sat down at two adjacent chairs Derrick said "I'm glad you came". "I am always happy to help Johnathan's family in anyway I can" replied Hector. "Yes, well shall we get down to business? As I had told you on the phone my money has been disappearing and I can only make the conclusion that one of my dealers has betrayed me." Derrick slips a yellow packet of papers towards Hector. "I want you to go to every one of my dealers locations and watch them all closely. I want you to find out if anything suspicious, ANYTHING, happens to them. Where they go to, who they speak to, and why they are speaking to them." Hector picked up the packet of papers and fanned through them "And what do you want me to do if I find out who is taking your money?" Derrick leaned back and said smoothly "I want them brought to me if you can without killing them, but if they try and escape you then I suggest you eliminate them. But under all circumstances if you can retrieve my money and the thief alive it will be greatly appreciated." Hector asked "I know that you trust me with getting your money back and I know me and my men can handle this task, but are your own men not fit enough to retrieve what is yours?" Derrick pointed to the only two men of his in the black garbage bag and said "As you can see my men did not survive." Hector stood up, in a low anxious voice said "I promise you I will not let you down Derrick." As Hector and his men headed for the door Derrick replied "I have full faith in you and your men." and shut the door behind them. Derrick watched out through the window as they got into their plain white van and drove off. Derrick knew he had made the right decision in calling Hector. Derrick strolled casually back to his chair and sat down sluggishly. He thought in a few weeks or even days that he would have this thief at his apartment door and on his knees, bloodied and bruised, begging for mercy. He chuckled at the thought, then started to laugh even harder until his hysteria could be heard outside of the whole apartment complex..

But what Derrick did not know was that this so called "thief" had plans other than being found out...

At school everything seemed so oblivious, which was ok. After school I went to Josh's house to build a cage for Boxy(the turtle). That was enjoyable being outside of my house and building something. Also today, as a family, my dad, mom, 2 sisters, brother, and I went out for dinner and I didn't really care that much for it because I was still in a state of obliviousness. We ate at a place called Carabaas or something like that. There food is good, but as all restaurants are were overpriced. I have started on another anime series GunGRAVE. What else have I done? I cannot recall at the moment, but whatevahs

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Well well well
Ok, so todays Monday right? Yesterday was Sunday, correct? Also Tuesday is tomorrow? What a bland way to count time. But thats besides the subject at the center of my palm. A few things I did last week was finish the Elfen Lied anime series, I also finished the Chobits anime series Sunday. I also watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas until 2 am last night. I also watched Mel Brooks - History of the World: Part I, Thelma and Louise, The Machinist, No Country for Old Men, Chasing Amy, and Conan The Barbarian. I have a 3 page career thing to right and I am just going to copy and paste because its bullshit. In English 12 we are reading about Beowulf and he is a deutschbag. Oh yeah, I fixed the right side speaker in my truck, fixed the glove box with a clothespin and fixed the left door's plastic siding.

Last Wednesday it got up to 70 F or 75 F and this Friday it was about to snow. It has also gotten quite windy and keeps getting colder

Business Law is pretty plain. Technical drawing is fun but I think I am failing but whatevers. Programming is SOOOOO FUCKING BORING, THE TEACHER TALKS..oh was i still yelling there, sorry about that... the teacher talks to us like were in elementary school, she takes us through everything step by step.....She is a nice teacher but it just bothers me that something that could take us all 20 min. takes us 1 hour to complete. Though she did say in the beginning the class work will go by slow so we can pick up the basics and once were all past that we will go faster. The good news is that in all of my classes everyone is so quiet its FANNNtastic. I think thats about it. Yeah if there is anything else Ill do something about it

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

hah, John and this guy(I forgot his name already) when we were at the convention in July
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008



I switched out of Design @ Multimedia cause that class was very boring so now I have technical drawing and its an OK class. Today we got our report cards for final grades from last semester:
Statistics B+
Anatomy B
Business Management B
US/VA Government A

I just feel like an idiot right now, I would like to write about why but its just the same shit I write about almost every time I'm feeling like an idiot, depressed, or something on the other side of lukewarm. This is what I've debated in my head too many times, this is what I've thought of in times of sadness. But I've posted it all before and its just the same every time. I'm sorry

I would really like to punch this fucking monitor right now and drink whatever liquid comes out of it.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Semester
Well the new school semester started up today and my classes are as follows
1st block - Business Law
2nd block - Design Multimedia
3rd block - English 12
4th block - Programming

I can tell ya right now that I want out of 2nd block. And the lunch I have sucks balls cause I know hardly anyone there. Also most of my teachers are not as open or opinionated as last semesters teachers. So yeah they seem like boring classes right now but i still gotta see what'll happen with other days

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Monday, January 28, 2008

I am pleased the the US economy is crashing, I am glad that a recession is actually being a thought in the American public, I am so generally happy. I hope we see chaos, destruction, prosperity, sadness, and a lack of senselessness that will drive everyone insane, hopefully.

You may think of this as wrong, as rude, as stupid pschyo babble from an ediotic human, but thats your opinion and you can shed light on whatever you want or you can cloak it with darkness...whatever you want :)

Damn this world, damn this place and damn you.
There is a blue power cord by my chair, my comfy chair.l.....Keyboard, i am typeing on a keyboard. why am i typing on a keyboard? May I please ask why...I guess my radio frequency has died down. i can see inside the blender but i cannot hear it. i am typing on a keyboard. is that what you are doing. i am partially puzzled. must i pass a test to get the answers? why asm i am typing on this keyboard? why am i? dsdfddddddsdd oerightupleftjright.leftjklcrossdownjasroundandaround we goi jwhere we stop only dgod klnowes.

nodding my head nodding my head why oh why am i nodding my head. it is up to asll of you to stop this to stop this now and for good, yall hear.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

She keeps fuckin with my head, whenever she calls or talks to me. She does not know that it effects me,messing with my heart and head. I do not know if I can put up with that much longer because I am not going to be able to see her much or hear from her much once college starts. I have not talked to her since October and now she just up and calls me to talk. I want to tell her off for good, but I know myself and I could never do that to her. Marshall I am afraid, i know marshall i know.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

   My weekend movies
I have watched Natural Born Killers, Old School, Cloverfield (in theaters) and 30 min. ago just finished watching A Clockwork Orange. Now I have Im singing in the rain in my head including the visualizations to go with it, such a great thing to have in my head. It makes me feel better and it also helps that I took a shower (be it 1:30 am) and was singing Im singing in the rain. Each one of those movies in their own ways are fucking great.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something has been bugging me, putting pressure on me and making me very stressed even though I seem calm and collected I am not. What has done this is school, what has done this is college, what has done this is grades. I had a nightmare Friday night that i was late to one of my classes. To be on time, to not fuck up. Also Friday night I forgot to pick up my little sister from the movies and my parents picked her up since they were closer. I was freaking out then as well, I hated myself for making that mistake, I knew better than to forget, but still I forgot. I was afraid that she was hurt and I wanted to go get her but my mom just yelled at me and told me that theyll get her. Never again.
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