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Thursday, October 21, 2004


purplebeef91: sorry i left
PTakats: k
purplebeef91: so what were we talking about
PTakats: umm how u were gunna leave me alone to want to blow up the earth
purplebeef91: no i dont think that was it
PTakats: it was
purplebeef91: ah yes flying
purplebeef91: did i tell you the buzz lightyear story
PTakats: ya
purplebeef91: about how he flew but then everyone said he fell with style?
PTakats: ya
purplebeef91: did you fall with style
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: oh yeah you said you fell with pain
PTakats: ya
purplebeef91: well i bet i know something that hurt way more
PTakats: doubt it
purplebeef91: well this one time at boot camp
purplebeef91: i was taking a shower
PTakats: and someone showed up behind you
purplebeef91: when all of a sudden my lever 2000 slipped out of my hands
purplebeef91: what
purplebeef91: how did you know
PTakats: ive hear this story u told me
purplebeef91: i never told anyone this
PTakats: and i dont believe it
purplebeef91: well what happened next mr. cleo
PTakats: you felt a sharp pain
purplebeef91: yeah
purplebeef91: but what was it from
PTakats: a person
purplebeef91: aha
purplebeef91: i knew i didnt tell you this story
PTakats: yes you did
purplebeef91: actually when i bent over i got this terrible cramp in my lef
purplebeef91: leg*
purplebeef91: it hurt like a mother fucker
PTakats: oh well i doubt it hurt more then 2 broken ankles then sleeping with them then going to get xrays then getting them casted
purplebeef91: how can your ankles be castrated?
purplebeef91: isnt that for something else
PTakats: bye im blocking you and never unblocking ou
PTakats signed off at 8:15:50 PM.

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