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Monday, September 13, 2004

PTakats: hows it goin
SThockey6: fantastic
PTakats: cool
SThockey6: u
PTakats: crappy but w/e
SThockey6: its been awhile
PTakats: ya i guess it has
SThockey6: do you know who i am yet
PTakats: nope
PTakats: oh well
SThockey6: thats a shame
PTakats: y?
PTakats: y not just tell me and get it over with?
SThockey6: ill give you a hint
PTakats: mk
SThockey6: NICHOLS
PTakats: k thats not such a great hint but ill guess that ur in my grade
SThockey6: ill just leave it at nichols
PTakats: well that doesnt help 1 bit
PTakats: umm harry
SThockey6: so hows deborah
PTakats: who? 0.o
PTakats: rick?
PTakats: are u a girl or guy?
SThockey6: i said ill leave it at nichols
PTakats: well that doesnt fuckin help me at all
SThockey6: no need to swear
PTakats: fuck shit piss ass dick pussy
SThockey6: dont make me come over therer and spank you
SThockey6: ive got bar of lever 2000 and im not afraid to use it
PTakats: i dont even know who the hell u are and i bet u dont know where i live
SThockey6: oh yes i do
SThockey6: BUFFALO
SThockey6: and Grand Island
PTakats: wow! i guess u know everything about me huh
PTakats: not
SThockey6: yes
SThockey6: ouch touchee
PTakats: well u would be too if u had 2 brocken ankles and someone being a complete dick to u
PTakats: broken*
SThockey6: how are the ankles doing
PTakats: fine but im still pissed about them
SThockey6: what happened again
PTakats: i jumped from somewhere high
PTakats: and landed badly
PTakats: so who the fuck r u already???
SThockey6: how high?
PTakats: 12 feet not including the air from when i jumped up
SThockey6: why
SThockey6: u still there

Auto response from PTakats: i wrote a script and the guy reads the script and says he really likes it but im gunna have to make a re write and im like fuck that ill just make a copy i'll go to kinkos, kinkos is my favorite copy place if i had to choose one because they're open 24 hours a day and thats great cuz if im up and 5 and i think i need two of something im covered, its like "that will not stay singular" and sometimes ill wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and be like oh shit! oh ya kinkos no problem that will not remain singular

PTakats: im back
SThockey6: ive been waiting
PTakats signed off at 8:53:19 PM.

then the friend...

Musashi003: hello?
SThockey6: do i know you
Musashi003: the question is do I know you
Musashi003: I have no idea who you are
Musashi003: but my friend wants to know
Musashi003: you imed him
Musashi003: so you probably do
SThockey6: i did no such thing
SThockey6: who is your friend
Musashi003: friend = aquintance...
Musashi003: Pat Takats
SThockey6: he imed me
Musashi003: ah..
Musashi003: I'm sorry
Musashi003: so, do you go to our school?
Musashi003: ...you must if pat has your sn
Musashi003: don't worry...I'm not some 40 year old guy who wants to stalk you
SThockey6: damn i was hoping you werer
Musashi003: sorry to let you down
Musashi003: so who is this?
Musashi003: do you go to Nichols?
SThockey6: who is this
Musashi003: answer my question
SThockey6: which one
Musashi003: do we go to the same school or not
SThockey6: im not sure
SThockey6: do you go to nichols
Musashi003: yes...
Musashi003: 10th grade
SThockey6: whats your name
Musashi003: Adrian....
SThockey6: never heard of you
Musashi003: not aurprising =p
Musashi003: *surprising
Musashi003: you could look me up in the face book, I'm there, trust me
Musashi003: last name Pijoan, if you don't believe me
SThockey6: i dont go to your school
Musashi003: ah
Musashi003: so who is this?
SThockey6: just someone who wants to be loved
Musashi003: . . .
Musashi003: that tells me a whole lot
Musashi003: how do you know pat?

SThockey6: we go way back
Musashi003: ahhhh...so why doesn't he know who you are?
SThockey6: that is a great question he keeps pretending like he doesnt know me
Musashi003: hmmm....have you told him>?
SThockey6: he doesnt seem to want to listen
SThockey6: i dont know why he doesnt talk to me anymore
SThockey6: he doesnt seem like the dame pat
SThockey6: same*
Musashi003: ...well I couldn't tell you, I've only known himn for a year

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