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Sunday, March 7, 2004

Thank you everyone for coming to my site, and the winner is...QUEEN!!! They won their second contest on the site, so they are not doing to bad! The queens of the stone age only got one vote. Well anyways a newer contest will begin shortly in a few days...
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Thursday, March 4, 2004


mp3" autostart="false" loop="true" width="240" height="50">

and Queens of the Stone Age!!!

Queen made it into the contest once again because they are amazing and Queens of the Stone Age have an amazing song called "No One Knows", you should check it out, it is on the NHL 2003 (VG) Soundtrack for PS2 and other systems I guess...but anyways the results should be interesting...

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

The winner of the second round of Band Battlez is... THE ROLLING STONES!!! The Stones trampled over ACDC by beating them with a commanding lead!!!

THE NEXT ROUND OF BAND BATTLEZ IS READY TO BEGIN!!! This round is going to be between...


or will it be the band from the south Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!

Should Aerosmith "dream on" or should Lynyrd Skynyrd pack their bags and go back to "sweet home alabam"!!! VOTE NOW!!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

After all of your votes Queen has been declared the winner of the 1st set of Band Battlz!!! Thanks everyone for voting, and now the second round can begin. This round is going to be between...



Vote Now Everyone!!!

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You are Water...you are emotional and sensitive.
You are good at feeling and being in your
emotions, but sometimes have difficulty
expressing your feelings in words.

What Element Are You?
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Friday, February 20, 2004






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Thursday, February 19, 2004

This is mt first anime really that I have added to the site (except WAKKA) and what this is, is I am going to make a voting thing and there will be different people constantly so today it is Nurse Joy and Pikachu!!! Who do you think is hotter??? Answer in the comments section...

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Monday, February 16, 2004

PTakats: wats up
purplebeef91: go away
PTakats: y?
purplebeef91: b/c i am you are mean
PTakats: no im not
purplebeef91: yes you are now go away
purplebeef91: i dont want to be influenced by your meanness
PTakats: tell me when i was mean
purplebeef91: you warned me yesterday
purplebeef91: good enough
purplebeef91: now go
PTakats: i do that 2 all my friends as a joke
PTakats: i wsnt tryin 2 be mean
purplebeef91: well looks like im not your friend
PTakats: well im tryin
purplebeef91: ???
PTakats: im tryin 2 be ur friend
purplebeef91: no need to shout now
PTakats: im not shoutin
purplebeef91: simmer down now
PTakats: oh
PTakats: ok
purplebeef91: we dont want anything rash happening
PTakats: ok well im tryin 2 b ur friend
PTakats: ok
purplebeef91: do it on 3
purplebeef91: ready
purplebeef91: 1
purplebeef91: 2
purplebeef91: 3
purplebeef91: in and out
purplebeef91: in and out
purplebeef91: in and out
PTakats: mcuh better
PTakats: much*
purplebeef91: look if you are going to continue to talk to me in that tone i am not going to talk back
PTakats: im in a colm tone right now
purplebeef91: no you are not
purplebeef91: now how hard is it to use inside voices
PTakats: yes i am
PTakats: not hard
purplebeef91: there you go aagain
purplebeef91: if it isnt hard then why dont you do it
PTakats: im gunna warn u 4 real if u dont stop messin w/ me, got it?
purplebeef91: i like OPRAH
PTakats: ok? 0_o
purplebeef91: and DR. PHil
PTakats: ok
PTakats: good 4 u
purplebeef91: did you know that triangles have 3 sides
purplebeef91: and three points
purplebeef91: isnt that amazing
PTakats: ya
purplebeef91: this one time at boot camp
purplebeef91: i was taking a shower
purplebeef91: and then my lever 2000 soap just slipped out of my hand
purplebeef91: so i bent down to get it
purplebeef91: and then all of a sudden there was this terrible pain in my ass
PTakats: waaaaa?
purplebeef91: yeah
PTakats: y
purplebeef91: y what
PTakats: y did u just tell me this story
purplebeef91: i thought you might want to hear it
purplebeef91: it finally feels good to let it out
purplebeef91: well ne ways
purplebeef91: i only use body wash now
PTakats: ok
purplebeef91: and rap my hands in grip tape to prevent that from happening again
purplebeef91: do you like KEITH RICHARDS
PTakats: idk
purplebeef91: its a simple question
purplebeef91: do ya like him
PTakats: a little but i never really heard his music
purplebeef91: do you like him or do you like like him a little
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: no
purplebeef91: there was 2 questions
PTakats: correct
purplebeef91: no isnt an answer
PTakats: i dont like him
purplebeef91: how dare you
purplebeef91: everyone likes keith
PTakats: sry i just dont
purplebeef91: man that just isnt right
purplebeef91: how bout mick
PTakats: jagger? ya
PTakats: i like mick jagger
purplebeef91: well if you like mick jagger than how come you dont like keith
PTakats: idk i just like 1 more than the other
purplebeef91: why theyre in the same fucking band
PTakats: i still like 1 over the other
purplebeef91: what ever your wierd
PTakats: but the band itself is great
purplebeef91: do you like FREDDIE MERCURY
PTakats: who???
purplebeef91: FREDDIE MERCURY

PTakats: idk who that is
purplebeef91: you are just jesting me right
PTakats: no?!?
purplebeef91: everyone knows who he is
PTakats: i dont im not into music as much as everyone else
purplebeef91: well what are you into
PTakats: techno alternative rock and punk rock
purplebeef91: techno? are you serious
PTakats: ya
purplebeef91: are there many other techno fans
purplebeef91: u still there
PTakats: ya and ya
purplebeef91: you know people used to call me whiskers
PTakats: ok?0_o
PTakats: brb
purplebeef91: its because im curious
PTakats is away at 5:15:40 PM.
purplebeef91: curious like a cat

Auto response from PTakats: mr. plow, mr. plow that name again is mr. plow

purplebeef91: wait
purplebeef91: dont leave me
purplebeef91: i was just beginning to accept you as my friend
purplebeef91: i wish i could have just one friend
purplebeef91: (dives into pillows, cries, slits wrist, goes back to talking to takats)
PTakats returned at 5:22:06 PM.
PTakats: hi again
PTakats: u there
purplebeef91: yes
PTakats: hi again
purplebeef91: im mad at you again
PTakats: c'mon i needed 2 help my mom
purplebeef91: ok
purplebeef91: i cant stay mad at you
PTakats: ok ^_^
purplebeef91: so whats your favorite planet
PTakats: jupiter
PTakats: wats urs
PTakats: good profile
purplebeef91: mines the sun
purplebeef91: i have a question for you
PTakats: k
purplebeef91: would you rather be the most popular person in schoo
purplebeef91: l
purplebeef91: or get mad cow disease
purplebeef91: you there
purplebeef91: hello
purplebeef91: you know its rude not to answer someone when they talk to you
purplebeef91: you should be shamed of yourself
purplebeef91: like the ladies and they (usually as friends) like me
purplebeef91: blah
purplebeef91: blah
purplebeef91: blah
PTakats: brb
purplebeef91: wait know
purplebeef91: dont go
purplebeef91: please
PTakats: i have 2 for like 20 min
purplebeef91: noooooooooooooooooooooooo
purplebeef91: not acceptable
PTakats: i have 2
purplebeef91: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
purplebeef91: y
PTakats is away at 5:39:31 PM.
purplebeef91: (tears come once again, pulls out switchblade, blood fountains up out of wrist, takes a sip, waits for PTAKATS to come back on)

Auto response from PTakats: leave me alone

purplebeef91: i dont wan to
PTakats returned at 5:53:31 PM.
PTakats: bak
PTakats: u there
PTakats: hello?
PTakats: anybody there
PTakats: i no ur there
PTakats: hello?
PTakats: i hate u
purplebeef91: why do you hate me
PTakats: cuz u never talked 2 me
purplebeef91: am i the only person you talk to
PTakats: not true
purplebeef91: it was a question thats all
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: no what
purplebeef91: i didnt ask a question that time
PTakats: no ur not the only 1 i talk 2
purplebeef91: sure
purplebeef91: well anyways back to the question i was asking earlier
PTakats: which 1
purplebeef91: would you rather be the most popular person in your school or get mad cow disease
PTakats: popularity
purplebeef91: good
purplebeef91: cuz i thought you were going to chooese the other one
PTakats: no?!?!
purplebeef91: no need to get angry
PTakats: w/e
purplebeef91: w/e
PTakats: it took u that long to type w/e ??? man ur slow
purplebeef91: and your faster than a speeding bullet at other things
PTakats: like wat?
purplebeef91: figure it out
purplebeef91: thats your task
PTakats: idk wtf ur talkin about
purplebeef91: premature ____________
purplebeef91: fill in the blank
PTakats: ejaculation? if thats wat it is ur a bitch/hore-and thats way off
purplebeef91: you forgot the w on whore bitch
PTakats: w/e id care
purplebeef91: you'd care about what
purplebeef91: how about those rangers

second conversation:

PTakats: hey
purplebeef91: who is this?
PTakats: who elses sn would be "PTakats"???
purplebeef91: what does ptakats stand for
PTakats: patrick takats
purplebeef91: am i supposed to know who patrick takats is?
PTakats: u used 2
purplebeef91: where did you get my sn
PTakats: i now u from myotaku.com
purplebeef91: my what dot com?
purplebeef91: what the fuck is an otaku
PTakats: nvm wats up anyway
purplebeef91: i still dont know who this is
PTakats: ok well fine bye
purplebeef91: i am not allowed to talk to strangers
purplebeef91: wait...
PTakats: u used 2 know me i guess now u have amnisia
purplebeef91: what's amnisia?
PTakats: when u loose parts of ur memory
purplebeef91: oh i dont think i have that
purplebeef91: then
purplebeef91: what would make you think i had that in the first place
PTakats: well what ever bye
purplebeef91: wait..
PTakats: y u dont know me i no u this convo. is going no where
purplebeef91: this may be a long shot
purplebeef91: but
purplebeef91: is your name by any chance patrick takats
PTakats: .......>_>....uh....ya?!?!?!!!!
purplebeef91: see i didnt forget you
purplebeef91: and you are a member of mycockatu.com right
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: you arent
PTakats: myotaku.com
purplebeef91: no thats not the one
PTakats: not mycocktu.com
purplebeef91: its something else
purplebeef91: maybe its is glad.com
purplebeef91: do you belong to that
purplebeef91: ???
purplebeef91: you still there
PTakats: yes im still here
PTakats: and no thats not it
purplebeef91: hmm...are you sure?
PTakats: yes!!!
purplebeef91: well then tell me about yourself patrick takats
purplebeef91: maybe ill remember from that
PTakats: 5'4"...15...had a site on myotaku.com...used 23 talk 2 u and then u hated me 4 a while
purplebeef91: why did i hate you
purplebeef91: do you like not have friends or something
purplebeef91: and i didnt want to hang out with you
purplebeef91: or were you mean to me
purplebeef91: or something
PTakats: no u thought i was mean and u said "go away" a lot
purplebeef91: oh
purplebeef91: well were you mean to me
PTakats: no u just miss-understood me a lot
purplebeef91: what does misunderstood mean?
PTakats: u thought wat i said was mean when i wa just being normal
purplebeef91: oh
purplebeef91: so you arent normal then
purplebeef91: have you ever rode a dinsaur before
purplebeef91: maybe thats where i know you from
purplebeef91: dinosaur riding
purplebeef91: so have you?
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: oh
purplebeef91: so are you a troublemaker
PTakats: sometimes
purplebeef91: oh
purplebeef91: have you ever been in prison
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: how about boot camp
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: cause i never told anyone this
PTakats: just mess around... nuthin huge
purplebeef91: but this one time at boot camp
purplebeef91: i was taking a shower when all of a sudden
purplebeef91: my soap popped out of my hands
PTakats: u did tell me this
purplebeef91: what are you talking about i havent told anyone this
purplebeef91: if i told you what happens
purplebeef91: next
PTakats: yes!! u have
PTakats: it fell 2 the ground
purplebeef91: yeah and then
PTakats: u bent over 2 get it
purplebeef91: yeah
PTakats: and that was all u told me
purplebeef91: then i didnt tell
purplebeef91: you
purplebeef91: you are good at lying
purplebeef91: you cant trick me though
purplebeef91: nope
PTakats: u told me most of it but u left right b4 the end
purplebeef91: oh well ne wayz
purplebeef91: i bent over to get it
purplebeef91: and then all of a sudden i had
purplebeef91: this terrible pain in my ass
PTakats: oh ya u did tell me it and then i asked from wat and u didnt know
purplebeef91: well the pain
purplebeef91: was from the person
purplebeef91: that was standing behind me
purplebeef91: if you didnt read between the lines
purplebeef91: but anyways
PTakats: ...
purplebeef91: i now only use it
purplebeef91: i mean
purplebeef91: body wash
purplebeef91: and then i put this extra sticky grip tape around my hands
purplebeef91: when i shower
purplebeef91: it works
purplebeef91: you should tyr it if you ever go to boot camp
PTakats: ok... good 4 u
PTakats: which i wont
purplebeef91: i sensed some sarcasm in that remark
purplebeef91: was there?
PTakats: yes
purplebeef91: man i guess you are mean
purplebeef91: fine maybe when you tell a story i will be mean to you about it
PTakats: no just when the stories i hear get re-told a couple times
PTakats: im sarcastic
purplebeef91: well sorry mr. i am cool my name is patrick takats, i am 15 years old and i make fun of people who i im
purplebeef91: maybe people dont like your stories when you tell them once
PTakats: i wasnt makin fun of u i was just sarcastic 4 once in my life
purplebeef91: yeah....
purplebeef91: right!!!
PTakats: good 4 u...u learned sarcasm
p.s. no sarcasm in that remark
purplebeef91: i am rubber you are glue what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you
purplebeef91: ha
purplebeef91: i win
PTakats: yes...yes u fo
purplebeef91: fo?
PTakats: do*
purplebeef91: well i am glad we can both agree on it
PTakats: me 2
purplebeef91: me three
PTakats: me 4
purplebeef91: me fivwe
PTakats: fivwe???
purplebeef91: five bitch
PTakats: oh testy r we?
purplebeef91: no
purplebeef91: sorry
purplebeef91: cum again
PTakats: u sounded very testy
purplebeef91: hey wats up?
PTakats: nm, u?
purplebeef91: same old same old
PTakats: fun fun
purplebeef91: wow its been a long time since we last talked
PTakats: ya i no
purplebeef91: almost llie a week
purplebeef91: or something
PTakats: ya... sumthin like that
purplebeef91: yeah
purplebeef91: so whats been goin on
PTakats: nm i just got back from work a while ago and im in a little pain but nuttin 2 bad
purplebeef91: what do you do are you a gay male prostitute
purplebeef91: because i think that would hurt
PTakats: no... im an assistant snowboard instructor at holiday valley
purplebeef91: oh so thats basically the same thing right?
PTakats: no not even close
purplebeef91: how so?
PTakats: one is sex the other is snowboarding
purplebeef91: i still fail to see the difference
PTakats: well then u have bad eye sight
purplebeef91: is that supposed to be a joke
purplebeef91: becuase i thinik you are gay
purplebeef91: but thats ok
PTakats: yes a very very bad 1
PTakats: and no im not gay
purplebeef91: how cum you underlined very very
PTakats: im straight and i have a girl friend
purplebeef91: pun intended
purplebeef91: whats your girlfriends name
purplebeef91: patrick perhaps
PTakats: Debora: a.k.a Debbie
purplebeef91: wow
purplebeef91: does she go to your school
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: or does she snowboard
PTakats: ya she snowboards but i dont work w/ her
purplebeef91: oh
purplebeef91: so she doesnt pay you
purplebeef91: for your services
purplebeef91: thats not right
PTakats: no
purplebeef91: i think if the guys have to pay
purplebeef91: then she should pay
PTakats: wtf? bye
purplebeef91: where are you going
PTakats: away 4ever
purplebeef91: why
purplebeef91: did you get caught by the police for being an escorts
PTakats: bcuz u r messed up on the head
PTakats: in*
purplebeef91: da house
PTakats: bye
PTakats signed off at 5:50:09 PM.
purplebeef91: why
Previous message was not received by PTakats because of error: User PTakats is not available.

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Which Final Fantasy (IV-X) Character are you?

by steevi

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Thursday, February 5, 2004

Hey there all of you many people who constantly visit my site (lets see thats just me i guess but who cares) this is the first vote of the website so it is going to be fantastic. Who do you think is a bigger gay idol, Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) or Tinky Winky Lets start voting.
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