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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm going to stay on MyO I think. I also use TheO but I just love MyO too much to leave it!
I'm excited my bestest furnd eva is coming over to spend the night.
School started...a week or two ago and it's been pretty fun. My sceduale is
1- Concert Band (marching band until football season is over)
2- Freshman Woman's Choir
3- Algebra 1
4- German 2
5- History
6- English 9
7- Biology 1
So I like my classes and my teachers and everything and I've been doing good and I'm enjoying myself.
I have tons of friends in band and I'm really happy there. Its my favorite class.
Our first football game was 2 days ago and we lost by 10 but that's okay cuz we suck and we've sucked last year too.
I see Lizzy a few times in school and Alyssa too.

I have a few questions for you guys that I will also answer.

1. How have you been??
2. Has school started? If not when does it start?
3. Music or art?

1. Good
2. Few weeks ago
3. Music

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