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Friday, April 11, 2008

OMG look at that cat!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

[glow=red,2,300]I'm just trying this glow thing out so if it doesn't work then ignore it...I dont know what to say other then hi...now bye. SO ByE!![/glow]
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey guys!! I'm supposed to be with my mom but I choose to go to my dads house and we just got back from seeing Horton Hears a Who. It was really good!! These are some really cute pokemon plushies:

These next ones, yes are the same pokemon but OMG he is my fav and this makes him soooo much cuter than he is!! Oh BTW he is the GOD pokemon!!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

   Ich bin froh!!!!
Ich bin froh!! Ich bin sehr froh!! LOL! That means I'm happy, I'm very happy. If we don't go to Flordia over the summer then we are gonna go to Texas and stay at this place that is like a zoo and a hotel in Arkansas. When we get back my mom said we would go to New Jersey which is a big thing because my aunt obsessed with anime lives there and my 2 cousins and then they would come back to MO for our g-parents annaversary! We will go to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun and my cousin and I rode this water ride at WOF like 20 times and we would do that again!!
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In my post under this I said I had to leave to work on some poems and i would post them when I have them done. Well, here they are.

The Stars By me!!

The stars are like glitter glued onto the clear night sky
They have a burning yellow that lives inside
Crickets on the cold, wet grass sing a beautiful lullaby to them
Sometimes I think the stars just jump around up there

The stars are diamonds in the clear night sky
Sometimes I wonder what they taste like
Do they taste salty? Or spicy? Or like cinnamon?
Is a star so hot it will burn you flesh? Or so cold it will freeze your finger?

I want to ask a star, if my wish comes true
When i speak, "star light star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may wish I might. have the wish I wish tonight."
Selfish wishes or not, do they really come true?
On that star, in the clear night sky.

Then this one:

My Best Friend by me!! Dedicated to Narutos Demon001

My un-related sister Lizzy
She is an item on the shelf at Wal-Mart
She looks interesting but youíll never know how much fun she is
Until you hang out with yourself

My un-related sister Lizzy
As crazy as can be
She can make you laugh like a group of people laugh at you after you embarrass yourself

My un-related sister Lizzy
Will make that embarrassment just fly away
She is my joy when Iím down
My life without her would be like living without a heart
My un-related sister Lizzy

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Um, hey everyone. Okay, Josh this really annoying guy yet awesome guy I like a lot is starting to not talk to me but annoy me again. He stopped after a mixer once and he's started again. THe mixer was on Valentines day btw. Okay, yesterday and today while I was eating my cucumber slice I got with my salad he sat the way I was and acted like he was eating the cucumber the way I was. In Science I have to sit behind him and we where putting up our old science books and getting new ones and he took my old one up for me. When I was walking to my seat (since we got new ones) he was almost to his and he stopped to let me walk by and to mine. At lunch my foot slipped and hit his but I put it behind me like always and he kept kicking me....strange. AND someone called my friend who rides my bus, someone called her one of the guys: Josh, Aaron, or...something...I forgot his name but someone called her (i think u get it) and told her they like me BUT they didn't say there name and she tried to get it out of them because we have been friends since 2nd grade.

Neways, I just finished up my damn math homework and I have to start on some poems. A nature poem where I need:
1. One simile
2. One metaphor
3. One instance of personification
4. Must appeal to THREE of the five sences
5. Must be at least TWELVE lines in lenght
6. Has to be typed or neatly hand written
7. Needs color
*sigh* I got my FFX-2 game back from my friend Monday and I played it till' 10 PM monday night, I didn't play it all last night cuz I had to go to a meeting thing then do homework, and I havent played it yet tonight and it's 6:30 >.< Gosh, I can't wait to play it and take out all my stress on the monstors!! WHOO!! The second poem is a Relationship or Lyric poem due friday...I need:
1. One simile
2. One metaphor
3. Use repetition somewhere in the poem. I can repeat a line, a word, a sound ect.
4. at least TWELVE lines
5. typed or neatly hand written
GOSH!! I'm sorry. I'm gonna end this and work on my poems. I'll post them when I'm done, kay? Kay! Bye-bye everyone.

B4 I Go, what should I do about Josh?

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

   Mrs. M
Heyy everyone. I'm working on math homework >.< I hate math. Okay, I have to tell you about Mrs. Magane (or w/e). She was this old art teacher at my elementary and she hated and I mean HATED the word Purple. She always said it was 'violet' when they are two diff colors. Everyone hated her...I didn't but I didn't like her, and we dont know if she liked anyone. I know one person she liked, my sister. But more about Mrs. M, she sent a kindergardener on the 1st day of school 1ST DAY to the Principals...why you ask. Because he said Purple. But Jennifer (my sis) likes her heaven knows why and she is graduating this year so she gets that party thing right, right. SHE IS INVITING MRS. M!! GOSH I DESPISE HER! I was talking to a friend that went to the same elementary as me so she knew Mrs. M and I called her the devil and Ashley (my friend) was like, and I quote "No, the devil is a lot nicer then her!" un-quote. Well, I'm gonna go. I'll talk to you guys later. love ya all!
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Friday, February 29, 2008

Amazing yuna

Okay this is a video of Yuna singing a song called 1000 Words and in the middle Lenne comes out who is...it's hard to explain. She got shot & died, and Yuna might be the reincarnation of Lenne IDK, all I know is the outfit Yuna is wearing belonged to Lenne. It's a really good song. BTW they are from Final Fantasy X-2 if u didn't know...

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I stayed home from school today and I slept all day. I also played TheSims2: Pets which I haven't played since I got it in December and I've never made a house on it, or decorated a house, I've only made families.

I'm totally into HM:STH (Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland). It's my friends game we are sharing but I'm gonna buy my own as soon as I can. It was in 21 dollars, so a doller more then my allowence but I'm gonna see if my mom will give me 2 more bucks just go get it!! WHEE!!!

Well, bye.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heyy everyone. Thanks to those who sent me the lyrics I still don't have permission to the search even though my mom said she'd give it to me T.T

Tomorrow morning we have a 'concert assembly' and my band teacher called it. Only strings and band is in it. It's just us practicing infront of people for the concert Friday.

My mom left to get me some clothes for the concert cuz girls HAVE to wear a skirt or dress and I have neither of those!! Oh, I'm sooo happy I'm gonna be in concert band next year which isn't the best one but it's not the one where you practice on playing stuff, like scales. Mrs. Henry even said that concert and symphonic band join together in the fall to make Marching band...so I have to go to every football game...*sigh* great. I hate football...but my dad likes it so he'll be happy and I don't think my mom likes it all that much, hehehehe. Oh well. I know how to march cuz (somewhere now in archives i wrote about doing this) the concert band (8th grade) played with the marching band so we got to learn how to march onto the field we just don't know how to move! Well, I'm gonna go.

P.S. Club sucked! We didn't have a DVD player to play HSM so we got to watch this gay station with "Clifford the big red dog" and a show called "Rescue Readers" it SUCKED MORE THEN ANYTHING!!!

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