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Thursday, July 10, 2008

hey there guyz! I see they put PMing back on here, only they're attached to the new otaku. bleh. i like the new one but its stupid i like this better ^_^
but i did find something; http://www.interpals.net
i love it!!! you should find me! xkiwizonfirex
thats my username
i got my myspace deleted. mom found out and she wanted my loggin, i didnt give so i deleted it. lol it made her mad. but i found interpals and i still have facebook. myspace was getting lamme.
I worked at the rodeo over the weekend. it was funn at actually got to see some of it this year! I handed out bandannas to the people, oh so much fun lol

I'm doing pen pals now and military pen pals. i just wrote a soldier that got injured; ^_^
but yeah PM me :D

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