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Sunday, June 8, 2008

posted yesterday and only one person came and commented lol i'd like to say thanks to Not.Like.You. lol thats was nice =]
my poem, here it is!

Sometimes I say i love you
and I know you wonder why
but i say it because i mean it
and I'll mean it till i die

and then I'll whisper to you
when I've gone and passed away
that i still love you endlessly
and I'll tell you everyday

when you pass beyond
and i see you once again
I'll tell you i love you
and my hugs will never end

but if you do not love me
I'm fine with that for sure
but i wont stop loving you
and my heart with go unheard

I hope we'll still be friends
i just wont press the issue
I'll be with you till the end
and I'll always be here for you

but if you catch me staring
for a little longer than i should
just remember that i love you
more than any other could

now isnt that sweet?!
gawd i love him <3

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