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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ello peoples of the otaku!
how are you today? I'm okies, its just snowy and cold; tonight is supposed to be 15 degrees, tomorrow the high is 27 and low is 21, friday; high 41 and low 31. so its a tiny bit chilly! lol

school has been good, I had to write a 1000 word story and I got it done, its really good (well to me) lol
the music man is going to show soon. its the play that my school is doing, I'm not going to be in it. I ish too chickeny for it! lmao XD i like choir just fine! i love to sing! so yeah lol =]
I got my best friend back! (well I've had him back but I thought I'd share my happiness! =D)
we're not allowed to eat in the hallwayz for lunch anymore, because people make a mess and we got sent back to the cafeteria, I hate my school, but friends make it better! =D

I got a bigger window in my room now! its awesome! I can get outta it now! *shifty eyes* I'm mischievous! @_@

HOLY (cussword) its snowing so hard! its a winter wonderland here! lmao XD oh and we were one of 3 counties open in my state aha. I should have just stayed hom3! but I fine! i fine!
kay well ttyl !

-Jessa =3

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