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Sunday, February 3, 2008

ello everyong! its like 12am on Sunday! and I'm still up holy crab. well I had a great time yesterday. me and my friends went to the movies, just me, elisha, melly, and thomas! so much fun =]
we went to see Over Her Dead Body very good I recommend it! we want to see other movies that were on the previews like Penelope and Step Up 2. I really wanna see Step Up 2..but I haveta watch the first one first lol.

I'm signing up for a fitness gym 45 day membership. its gonna be fun and plus I'ma lose lotsa weight! I hope. I really need to (to my friends that say I dont, I hate to break it to you guyz but I really do haveto lose weight! and i dont care if you beat me up for it! so XP)

my daddy has been in the hospital for a triple by pass surgery. he went in at 3pm and came out at 7pm but hes fine now, he moved up into a new room after ICU so thats good =]]
I get to see him on Wednesday.

okies well I think thats it thats been going on in my life so far! so I'ma go now and get some sleep =]


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