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Sunday, September 30, 2007

morning morning!!!!

nothing much going on here just bored like alwayz.

I'm cleaning my room today actually o.o I'm taking the big ass thing off my desk. so it'll look muuuuch better..well to me anywayz.

today is sunday and unfortunately we have school tomorrow.

I still need to finish my photography assignment. I think I'll do that after I clean..I mean its coloring so yeah

went to the buckwheat festival yesterday. I had an awesome time. I met up with some of my friends there. they kept hugging me o.0 but then I went home then holly brought me back! lol we went on the Gravitron and it was awesome! but yeah I had a good time but I got a burn off of one of the fun house slides and it looks pretty icky but I be okies! ^^

so anywayz. I hope everyone had a good saturday!

I shall go now to clean! adios!

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and to James, the Guv, I use jessii-boo because my great-gramma used to call me that, lol

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