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Thursday, June 15, 2006

; [[ It's just my lucky day ]] ;

Mood [ Stunned ]
Listing To [ "Lonely in Gorgeous" - Tommy Febuary6 ]
Eating [ Nothing ]

Yesterday had to be the worst day ever, not only did my boyfriend 'try' and break up with me but then he later got into an accident and fought with his mother. Sometimes I really don't know what to think, first we break up over a silly arguement and next who does he come crying to? Me, of course. I'm the only girl that will actually give a damn what happens to him and his problems and he knows it.

I don't mean for drama to come into my life but it always seems to work out that way. Maybe I'm just not cut out for relationships? Honestly, I can't say that this time it was my fault, my boyfriend can be way melo-dramatic sometimes and it really gets me going. He has also been spending some time with his ex-best friend who use to be really mean to me, and takes advantage of him too.

I really think he might of lost his mind, but we'll see. I feel like I'm the one being selfish here, but this guy is seriously not worth his time to hang out with, I just hope they don't become friends again for his sake. Anyways, do you all think I'm nuts? I'm sure you do. Sorry but I just felt the need to vent some frustration out. I'm also glad my boyfriend wasn't killed like he could have been, but he's more concerned with the damage to his car. Geesh, boys...will they ever learn? What to do...what to do...

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