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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Mood [ Overwhelmed ]
Drinking [ Orange Soda ]

So much to say. So little time. I seem to be lacking creative influence right now as my writing is seriously in the slumps. I haven't been working on my RPG lately (Chocobo Island) but I'm starting to feel like it will be a dud. I feel frustrated.

In other news, I finally got to see a movie called Hustle & Flow. It looked good but I was dissapointed. For some reason, I just found it too cliche' and dumb. The idea had been overplayed too much and for another thing the blonde hooker, was really nasty looking. I couldn't help wanting to snip the braids off, forgive me.

Yesterday, was my boyfriend and I's 4 month anniversery! Okay so its not so much of a big deal, but its hard for me to stick with a guy for so long lol. I haven't been online in forever, seriously it feels like centuries that I've had time to myself.

I'm going to my old friend's graduation party, planning to get my license, and trying to get everything ready for going to the J.C. I guess thats whats really important but still I'm missing summer already.

I'm going to try and get on the MTV show MADE. Cheesy sounding isn't it? But I think I really need it lol. I want to do something althetic but I don't even know where to start. Most of my friends arn't what you'd call the most althetic type.

I'm working on having a huge party in september. I haven't had fun in what feels like centuries, you know when you haven't smiled in forever your jaw starts to hurt? That's what it feels like. Hopefully after all this buisness with trying to find a job and getting my life together....I can finally relax....

....I can only hope....

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