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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

C.A.U.G.H.T U.P. I.N. T.H.E. M.O.M.E.N.T

Mood [ Agrivated ]
Listening To [ Nothing ]
Eating [ Teddy Grams ]

I can't believe the 6th Harry Potter book is out and I missed it. Usually I catch onto these things but I was so pre-occupied with finding a job and applying with college today that I didn't even know it was coming out.

To top it all off, I haven't even see any movies lately. No batman. No World of the Wars. No Bewitched. No Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Pretty sad huh? Ah well...I finally got my classes for the junior college schedueled.

I have English, Math, Sociology, Hiphop dance and Aerobics which if you think about it, is a fairly simple schedule. I go four times a week though and for four to five hours since classes are usually two hours long. That part really bites.

My councilor said everyone starts off taking easy things their first semester. The sad thing is I start school on August 12th so I really don't have much leisure time.

I'm really going to have some last minute fun. Maybe go see some movies and definately want to get that book. As I'm sure half of the US has already read, and I can't believe I don't have it in my possession.

For the 5th book, I waited until midnight to get it and they have a huge party at Barnes & Nobles. Hard to imagine that I've been reading Harry Potter since I was 12 and I'm now 18. Majority of Authors don't get to live to see their works on the big screen. What do you think about this?

Personally, I'd love to be able to write a fantasy novel and have it turned into my own movie. With my consent of course. It seems to be a trend to re-make old movies or create movies based on a book.

It's a very wierd trend. But to those who read the new Harry Potter book, my question to you was, was it worth it? And was it better then the 5th? (Which in my opinion wasn't that good, the 4th will always be my favorite)

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Friday, July 15, 2005

B.A.C.K. T.O. S.C.H.E.D.U.L.E

Mood [ Happy ]
Listening To [ Happy - Ashanti ]
Eating [ Nothing ]

I have some very good news. Today I went to another town (only like an hour away or so) and finally passed my permit test. I can go for my permit in two weeks or more since I'm 18 and not a minor so I'm hoping I'll be able to drive myself to college and not take the bus. Ugh, I'm so relieved.

I also still have to see my school councilor. I also get to take senior pictures tomorrow (oh goody!) and I'm not too pleased about that. I have so much to do before the school year starts and I'm not at all organized, ever feel like this? I always never schedule things right. Believe me it makes things very confusing.

Oh and I might work at starbucks. Atleast I'll have a paycheck which will be nice to rake in the $$$ since I want to buy a laptop for school. Well looks like things are finally looking up for once. It's about time!

For those of you that are reading this, I recommend you visit my friend FencesFoil's page. He is new to myotaku and I'm sure wouldn't mind acouple more visits from others (since I practically bug him all the time now lol).

By the way anyone know how to submit an anime review when the anime is not on the list? I really want to submit an anime that is not located on the current list, do I have to PM the administrator? What do you think I should do? For those of you that write reviews for theotaku, please help me solve this. If it can be at all.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Wow! I love to go shopping especially when someone else is paying. *lol* It sounds like you had a ball despite your sickness. ^_^ Miracles do happen. I saw the pic you used for my name and it's really cute! Thanks! ^_^ YEah, I've been trying to get a more mature image for college as well, but some shirts I just can't let go! ^_^ Nice change in the site and I hope you the best in college. ^_^
- Benakittie

I know how you feel, some shirts I just like so much, but I've seriously been digging and trying to resort out a more mature wardrobe for college but its still hard lol. And yup not being the one to pay is pretty sweet.

Happy belated birthday pumpkin! ^_^
Sounds like a good day to me, ahahah wish someone could give me a piggy back ride, I don't do that for years lol, uhmmmm I'll try and convince one of my friends =P
I hope you feel better soon*hugs*
- Shadowlight

You should, especially if you feel stressed. Piggyback rides always help ^-^

You're sick, eh? Damn shame, that. Hope you feel better soon. (try drinking tea) Still, happy eighteenth. Whoop it up, son. You can legally buy swords now. Oh, and I'm sure you look quite cute. As for my friends, I remember this one time, I got a group of them to go to an anime convention. By the end, I'd already suffered an hour-long lecture, lost three of them for about two hours as they walked down the highway to get a burger, and had someone try to light someone else on fire. And that's why I don't go to anime conventions with more than one person anymore. Once again, happy eighteenth!
- FencesFoil

Light someone else on fire? Geesh! Yeah, I've kinda told myself if they can't be mature enough to handle being with eachother for me birthday, then they might not as well be my friends at all. So when I have my party they better just tough it out or else. *shakes angry fist of doom* Ahem but yeah.

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Saturday, July 9, 2005


Mood [ Tired ]
Listening To [ Mariah Carey - We belong together ]
Eating [ Crackers ]

I've been really sick these past few days with the flu and I thought for sure I'd be too sick to go out on my birthday but I ended up being fine. I didn't get to go with my boyfriend to the mall until later in the day for only three hours because my sister decided to buy me a manicure and pedicure for my birthday and it took forever!

Overall, I guess it wasn't too bad, not what you'd expect for your 18th but I might plan a party later on in the month. Maybe. So anyways back to my birthday, I ended up spending the day with my boyfriend and he bought me $40 worth of earrings and this cool color changing fountain for my room for my birthday. Except it's broken so we have to go exchange it.

The next day I went out to breakfast with my mom and sister, and then I got to go shopping for some stuff and picked out some clothes that ended up being a $221 shopping spree. lol. Whoops? Hey, atleast I have a more mature look for college in fall. Reminds me I have to go see my counselor soon.

I'm not majoring in anything but I've been thinking about next year I want to try to be an English/Writing Major or get into Journalism. I know I want to do some form of writing for my career. I hope my dad will buy me a laptop for college, it would really be useful. The only cheap kinds that have a student discount around here are Ibooks and I don't know if they are very good.

They even try to reel you in with giving you a free mini ipod if you buy one. It's insane. I changed my layout to blue. It's the color of the month for me, I seem to change that color a lot. I think next time maybe I'll go for brown. What do you think? Anyways, thank you for everyone who gave me birthday wishes. You guys are really sweet.

There is only one thing that been kind of bugging me lately, my boyfriend tried out for football at his highschool. (He's a junior if you all didn't know) It's wierd to imagine me dating a football player, I just can't imagine it. I guess its not that much to worry 'bout right? After all, it's only football. I just hope he stays the same guy that I know.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
No worries. I understand how frustrating it is to live with your parents as you grow older. It was for that very reason that I decided to go to college across the country. Trust me, distance & time makes everything better -- well, maybe NOT everything, but most things ^^;; And hey...you DO know what day tomorrow is, right?
- Monkey Orange

Yup, this is why I'm looking for a university in the future out of state. And yes far far away =)Oh yes and I forgot to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Heh, sure you may *look* cute, but we know better!!! Ha ha. I'm sure you look quite fetching, and not evil at all. But we still know better. Heh, wow. I dunno. I'm not a party type of guy. I never get *all* my friends together. Some of them... Don't get along. Others are the type of people who get incredibly obnoxious out of nowhere when they're around certain people, but are fine when you're with them one-on-one.
- FencesFoil

Are you trying to say I can't look cute? *sniffles* J/k I get what you mean. Yup I know I'm evil. And yeah I can relate to you, I never can have a party without people getting into a fight or someone else getting on the other's nerves. It ends up spoiling the fun.

Life sucks. Parents make is worse. Your mom seems like a real crab apple. Is she nice to you at all? Try your boyfriend's piggy back ride yet?
- Little Kagome

To be at all honest, my mom is a crab, but more paranoid then crabby. I've seen far worse people in my family then her that complain, what really gets me is she freaks out over the little stuff. She won't even let anyone drive the car with her in it because she gets nervous. Beats me.

And yes I've bugged my boyfriend into giving me a piggy back ride lots of times when I don't feel good (I ask him a lot actually hehe). Except after 5 minutes he's tired of me being on his back and complains he's too tired to carry me now. So that doesn't work anymore ;/

LOL! That's so cute! It took me a minute to realize it said SunfallE on it. Hehehehe!
- Sunfall E

Yeah the white font is kind of hard to read. I'm thinking of re-doing it but I like the font. I always wanted to use the cursive type on something. Glad you think its cute! ^-^

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Do I look evil to you?

Mood [ Upset ]
Listening To [ Marmalade Boy - Moment ]
Eating [ Nothing ]

Sorry about the title. It was inspired by my minitokyo userpage for those of you that notice. I've always added up banners for all the people that I think you should visit their pages. Sorry if your not added. If you feel that you should be added please PM me. But I mostly just put the people whose page I like or if your a good friend.

Anyways, I had a rough day today. Fight with my parents, for its hard to be starting to be an adult and still have to live with them. It's like torture sometimes. Fourth of July was fun. It was the first time I've got to spend the day with a boyfriend and we got to watch fireworks. The police came because some idiots were setting off fireworks in the field nearby, so dumb.

What did you do on the fourth of July? The good thing about it is that my birthday is in two days. I'm not even going to have a party or anything, once you get older I guess, you don't really get a party. Oh well. I'll be looking pretty and I'm probably just going to go to the mall with my boyfriend since it looks like my best friend can't come with us.

This really bites. I just wish I could go with a group of friends. But oh well, I'll have fun anyways right? No use fretting over it. And my mom refuses to even get me rides anymore so I have to find some other way to get there on my birthday. Not to mention I have to walk a mile at 8 in the morning because I have an appointment and my mother does not want to drive me.

Yes it sucks having no transportation. And nope I can't take the bus either. Believe me I've already thought of that one.

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Friday, July 1, 2005

The Number of Days are flying by

Mood [Happy]
Listening To [Nothing]
Eating [Tunafish Sandwhich]

Have you ever felt felt overloaded with things to do? goals to reach? That's kind of how I feel. I have to get my license somehow in one month, and my birthday is only 7 days away. I'll finally be 18! But with that comes great responsibility.

In some aspects, I just want to go back to being a minor or kid. But it also opens my eyes to a whole new world at the same time. My boyfriend came over today, and I feel so happy. Lately, I haven't been in the best of moods.

Everyone thinks he's too young for me but we're only one year apart if they'd look at our birthdays. His 16 and soon to be 17. He's so different from most 16 years old, I mean he's so mature it's not even funny. I've never met a guy so young and acts so mature.

Okay, enough with the mushy stuff right? Well anyways, if getting my license isn't enough, I have to get a car and a job still. Pressure is tight because I'm starting college in August! That's a short time for all this don't you think? Not to mention I thought I'd give myself a make-over before college but I don't have the cash to really do it yet.

Guess I really won't complete all my goals. Ever felt failure before like I have? It sucks. But yet I'm still happy from today. I'm so confused.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Finally Updating After Centuries

Mood [Tired]
Listening To [ Naughty Girl - Beyonce ]
Eating [ Lays Potato Chips ]
I've been very busy. On wednesday I went to College orientation, the teacher that gave the lecture was wierd. He told us only 40% would make it to transfer to a university (I'm going to a junior college). I have a lot of things I need to do this summer. Including, getting my license.

I'm turning 18. Yup I don't have a license yet and I'm 18, I'm a loser I know. Hehe. Guild Wars is addicting and it seems as if I can't ever get away from this darn keyboard to stop playing it not even to visit the Otakuboards.

For those in my Narnia RPG, I apologize and should have it up very soon. For the people at minitokyo, sorry for not visiting you. I also need a job...because I'm a very broke girl.

I also need a car. And money. lots of it. Lots I say! I'm trying to change my site layout to match my Banner&Avatar from OB. Hope you guys have been having a fun vacation! I'm always looking for new friends =) Just leave a comment in the guestbook and I'll get back to you for sure.

I'll be posting Reviews hopefully in TheOtaku when I have time. I don't think I saw a Hana Yori Dango one and that's one of my favorite animes of all time. Forshame on you! Anyways...feel free to comment..or whatever..and yes I did black and pink again. Don't like it? Oh well.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

My Graduation

Today was my very last day of highschool. I'm so happy but a bit sad at the same time. We had a little graduation party for me with a cake but I'm having another one with just friends and family (and some teachers).

I got $35 from my teachers which is pretty awesome considering I've been broke lately lol. What did you do on your last day of school? When was it? I have college orientation on wednesday gotta look forward to that...BTW my graduation cake was good!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's almost the end, finally!

Wow its been forever since I've wrote anything. I've been so busy. I have orientation for my college next week on wednesday and then friday is the end of school! Thank god!

Oh by the way if anyone out there has guild wars you can send me a /whisper at Yazela Dubrin. That game is seriously fun, but it gets lonely playing by yourself after awhile.

I seriously need to get a job for I'm going to have to pay for a car soon. I want a red mustang convertible, that would be sweet! My boyfriend and I are getting close to our "third month anniversary" not really a big deal or anything.

I seriously have had a bundle of work pushed on me thats pretty pointless to do, I mean I have what, two more days left of school? It's such a bunch of crap...I can't wait to be out of highschool...

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Back so soon? Gone again!

It's been awhile since I have wrote in here. So much has happened. On Tuesday we went to Scandia (local aracade center) for a fieldtrip. We only have one week left of school.

It was fun and its going to be sad to say goodbye to everyone, I most likely won't talk to most of the people there except maybe two. But I mostly can't wait for summer to be here.

Wednesday my boyfriend and I got into trouble. Won't say what, but it was bad. The day just sucked.

Thursday I felt awful from being sick and found out I'm leaving for the weekend to go to my cousin's wedding in Nevada. That's a 5 hour drive and I get carsick really easily. I'm leaving on friday which is my sister's birthday.

This week has been very very tiring......

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

A troubling day

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Today I went to my boyfriend's house and went swimming by the pool. There were these kids that kept hitting the water with a bat, don't ask. It was very wierd.

I haven't gone swimming in a long time so that was actually quite fun. When I got home, my mom told me that our cat Nyrobi got out so I had to look for him in the backyard. We even told the neighbors.

It turns out, when he got back out, he snuck behind my mom's back and went back inside the house. We spent hours searching for nothing and worried as hell. I can't believe he was in the house the whole time lol.

Anyways, I'm glad he's safe since he's an indoor cat and he's never really been outdoors before. I'm just glad he didn't get eaten by the neighbor's dog. Cat Chow mein. Mrow.

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