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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

   Pugi's back
Wahh T_T Thankies Cerm and Ree chan. *huggles* hehe I'll draw ye both a fanart as a thank you, just tell me what you want. ^^

It may be a image done before but it will be coloured in the Pugi way...hehe.


What's been happening to me?
Well to be honest I've been on another site called AnimeLeague, were some of my friends ares members on and im a moderator there so I've been busy sorting out posts and making sure the site is okay so that's taken up most of my time... ^^; lame I know but how often is it you join a site and become a site moderator after a month?
heh if your intrested you should sign up and join it, theres different sections and not just about anime but it's good....and if you do join..>> in the welcomes thread say Pugi told you.

OH RA IM ADVERTISING..T_T im sorry. but yeah ive been busy there.

IN October...I finally went to my first anime convention in London. ^^ it was so cool! it was the reason why I joined animeleague because if I wanted to stay in the hotel with the rest of the Brits I had to be a member, it was so cool meeting other people who liked the stuff I did and plus I spent way to much on anime stuff. Like I got a Roy Mustang plushie oh and we got to meet voice actors.
We meet the dubbed Sasuke and Temari voice actors for Naruto. They were both so friendly and my sister got to sit on Sasukes lap. Shes got pictures and he was pretty cute!

We also meet Aaron Dismuke who does the voice of Alphonse Elric and WHEEE..HE WAS SO CUTE!..even though his 14 and he was taller then me. T_T Im 17 damn it! He called me and my friends cute though ^^ hehe. I got to hug him too..^^

I got to meet a lot of cosplayers and myself went as a Pikachu because afterall thats where the name Pugi came from so I had to do it as my first cosplay. ^^ hehe it was so much fun and I managed to hug all the Clouds and Sephiroths. My sister stalked a Kadaj most of the day. Good hugger though!
We were happy fangirls though as we got two girls who had cosplayed as Reno and Sephiroth to kiss and one of my friends who was Cloud (A male friend and damn did he look good in that outfit too!) to hug a male Sephiroth. Both were pretty tall and older then me.(20+) and hehe they were a bit like....>>; im not doing it but we forced them too...OH THE YAOI! >.<
On the second day of the expo someone actaully cosplayed as Yami. Ra I wouldnt stop stalking them, hugging them..and they said I can have there babies..oh and we did a full on kiss too...

didn't know she was a girl though...^^; opps.

It was so much fun, I'll make a photobucket account or if you join animeleague theres a album on there with some of the images, including Pugi as a Pikachu....with a Naruto Headband. Staying with these people was so much fun though aswell, intresting things did happen...>>; but i really did enjoy it staying up gone past 2 in the morning and travelling around on the underground at 11 at night. So awesome! ^^ I had so much fun and we are doing the same again in May! I miss most of the guys and girls who went there already but we are meeting up at other times and we have each others mobile numbers and emails..so cool. ^^

okay im rambling again.. but I had to tell you about expo..seriously if you havent been to one.....GO! ^^ You'll have so much fun and people hug you for cosplaying, next year im being the following.

Sat: Sanji from One Piece
Sun: Ed from FMA

Sat & Sun?: Kisa from Furuba.

^^ okay enough of that but recnently ive been very busy at school and haven't had much time to do anything else, i'm at the moment trying to sort out trying to get into a art uni. @_@ Plus the one im going for, someone who stayed with us at expo goes to that uni so I know someone already. ^^ Hope I get in and the interviews should take place like...in January. @_@ Plus I turn 18 in January so it would be nice if I get into the uni..I hope I do. T_T

Apart from all that happiness I'm ill at the moment for I came back from expo on like the 31st October and ive had a chest infection ever since and I still have it. T_T So thats kind of one of the major reasons I havent been around. So sorry!

Well okay I've rambled one for ages now and I hope..you won't get too bored with it..^^ See ya around and I'll try and visit your sites when I get home as im at school. ^^ Okays so see ya around and I'll make another post tomorrow or soemthing..^^



ps: Cerm and Ree don't forget to tell me what fanart you want!

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