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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

^^; I really do feel bad for being away once again, but yeah it's quite hard getting this site to load these days! My laptop doesn't like the site!

T_T Ra damn it!

But yeah to celebrate me coming back..(T_T I can hear your groans from here!)I have put up a new fanart of Yami..it's better then my other attempt and I hope you guys and girls like it. It's done in pencils and coloured in the same way as the Ed picture.

^^ Woot! ^^

Well not much has happened in my life recently, it was my sisters birthday yesterday so we went out and had a awesome party! Apart from a little bit of groping..>.< damn it. But apart from that I've just been at school and spending money on manga!

Oh you won't believe what I finally saw...

ADVENT CHILDREN! @_@ I know I am so behind with everyone but my friend finally lent me the dvd and I was like...drooling a river over Cloud. RA DAMN IT HE'S THE SMEX!!!
Reno wasnt bad either...but like Bakura..KADAJ SCARES ME!!! 0_______0



No seriously the guy is scary...unlike Cloud. RA DAMN IT, FIT FIT FIT!


Just as Fit as Yami!

Okay I'm being scary now..I shall try and post again tomorrow guys and girls and baa!

^^ *mega hugs*


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