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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sorry once again.
Im sorry I haven't been around again and I feel so bloody gulity again. T__________T

I'm now back at school and it's annoying,school have blocked MyOtaku and I tend to make all my posts at school so now I can't do as many. Wah I'm sorry.


Anyway I got my exam results ages ago (IM sorry so sorry!) and overall I got.

Art: B
Photography: B
Media: D

^^ it's good yep but now I've got to rush off and do some ICT homework plus, I've been addicted to the Saiyuki Requiem Movie and Sonic Riders at the moment and drooling at smexy voices and it's all good.
(Dan Green and Vic Mignogna...*mega drools*)

^^ heh also I've been buying stuff for my cosplay in october and guess what I'm dressing up as?


lol...^^ It's in honour of my username because Pugi actually came from a fanfiction I read where Yugi had a pet pikachu called Pugi so I stole he name and now I am doing that as my first cosplay in tribute..^^ woot.

Oh well I'll try and make a better post tomorrow. I PROMISE THIS TIME. Oh and guess what I've got a new fanart which is a shock..but I bigger shock is that they are my OWN characters!

yes my own, I designed them in my graphics project which got me an A so I revamped them. ^^ Hope you like them and is it me..or does the girl look like Mana and her brother,look like Bakura?

Oh wells.. thanks for stopping by and guys.. I really don't deserve you lot.. thanks. *hugs*

baa bye


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