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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm so sorry that I haven't been around again, I'm such a lazy bum! Wah I'm so sorry that I haven't been to your sites but I've been busy once again..

Now I'm on a huge guilt trip T_T Baa bad pugi

Anyway not a lot has been happeneing iv'e been out on the town buying stuff like a whole load of manga etc oh and Ive been trying to get a job as well. ^^ Heh I might be working in a bookstore that also sells manga! WOOT!

So I've been busy there oh and I've been watching Big Brother and drawing some more art, like kei from Dirty Pair Flash and another Yami picture ^^. Hehe in the same style as the Ed picture.

I've also been away for a week and went camping, was fun but ended up having my er.. time of the month so I ended up with a bad tummy and got numerous amounts of blisters too. hehe but it was fun as my mascott was a Care Bear. lol. But it was fun..^^ Too many spiders and hornets though.

Tomorrow is a bad day for me, I get my exam results.. WAHH! T_T Im doomed..meep meep meep. Wish me luck and heh hopefully I don't get too told off by my parents about them, I've heard my art grade is good though..so who knows.

Anyway I'm also dissapering for a two weeks again to the Isle of Wight and then I should be back. I'm so sorry everyone again that I''ve been a lously otaku and wahh im sorry everyone.

Heh I'll make another better post tomorrow.. I'm sorry once again though..

^^ Heh I'll make a better post tomorrow but for now..you know Pugi is still alive..slightly..hehe




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