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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Im so Ra Damned Sorry!
*Cries Madly*

I'm so,so so so sorry I haven't been around I've been so jam packed in real life that I haven't had time to few art and your sites and I feel really bad about it, I understand if you dont want to comment or have me as a friend anymore.. i mean I havent commented for ages.. so yeah.

Anyway onto happier things..

^^ Im finally broken up from school! W00t okay well tomorrow Im going on a trip to Brighton and then schools out for summer! W00t!
Anyway wondering why I've been busy?


For the last 2 weeks we've had to a business challenge, this is basically were we are split up from our friends and have to solve a real life challenge from a local business. And there was 15 groups and there is only 3 cash prizes which is divided between the 5 of you and the totals were..

1st prize: £1000 ($2000)
2nd Prize: £500 ($1000)
3rd Prize: £250 ($500)

Heh anyway our group had to help the local Library, which had manga in it and we basically had to try and find ways of bringing teens into the library. We had to do facts and figures etc and I had to design the brochure and powerpoint presentation for our team. Last week we had to present our ideas in a business meeting style infront of judges and it was really like something your dad/mum would do with a company speech.

It was so scary! I mean i was so nervous I threw up before hand and was shaking like a leaf but once I started you couldnt stop me or my team talking. ^^ We think we did really well.

On monday we had the awards evening where the judges annonced the winners of the prizes, I must say I was scared and heh im glad they had alcohol there..lol. woot! heh okays the school giving 17yr olds alchohol tends to be a big no no with the government over here. Anyway me and my group ended up coming 3rd!

YAY MONEY! I was so happy I mean I've been short on cash for ages and I just feel good that out of the 15 groups we were one of the 3 that won prizes.. ^^ I mean I didnt think our group would get anything and so it's a nice confidence boost to see your work was noticed and that you get something in return for working hard. ^^

Heh we're even being in the paper for doing this too.. yay. Plus i spiked my hair up when it was in a ponytail and i put my yami red coloured extentensions in it so I tried to look a bit like Yami..well tried but it looked cool. ^^ Heh can't wait for the pictures and so yeah that's why i've been so busy.

I'm sorry and ihope you can forgive me.. anyway Im going to try and draw some more fanart an I'm even going to try and draw in my own style (Shock shock!)

Wish me luck and hope to see you around.. ^^


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