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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   Come on England!
Yep I'm back and heh I'm getting geared up for tomorrow's game. Oh I can't wait!! ^^ Hey it give's me a perfect chance to go ahead and drink..>>.. fizzy, dizzy...water..>> *cough*beer*cough* lol. Oh yeah, heh I've got to watch it anyway as kick off is at 5pm and my dad doesn't come home till 5:30 so I'll have to keep him informed.lol!

I STILL DAMN YOU ALL WHO ARE IN HOLIDAY! ¬¬ lucky! T_T *insert mass amount of crying here*

Anyway my subjects are going well at the moment, I still have to do media even though I'm dropping it which is stupid as what we are looking at is the course I am not doing. -_-# Oh and also we have this stupid business thing coming up were for 2 weeks we get split into groups, when I say groups I mean the populaur people all stay together whilst people like me get put into groups with them and have to do al the work. Ugrh we just have to in our groups go to a business company and they give us a complex problem they are having and we have to solve it. (Lazy Buggers! Do it themselves!) and so we have to spend our own money on printing and making boarchures and at the end of it we have to give a presentation in front of the company. I HATE SPEAKING INFRONT OF PEOPLE! @_@

See i'm not looking forward to it at all, I mean 2 weeks without my friends and basically havin the piss taken out of me is not fun! ¬¬ Stupid idea this is! oh well.. i'll try but I won't be happy!

-_- See I'm really having fun and to top it all off, I was meant to grab a digital camera from photography today so I could do my homework and the teacher isn't even here so I can't take a camera! URGH! The homework is in for tomorrow as well so I've got to work hard and try to get all the images taken asap. lol. ^^;

Fanart Status:
WAHH! I still haven't finished the wolf's rain image, and there is hardly much more to do. (Im lazy!) and so I'll try and finish it this week.
Oh and I do have some other images I want to try and do including..

Thief Bakura and Pharaoh Atemu: I don't mean in a yaoi sense....as much as I want it to be. (Heh i like that pairing..>> but it's better if they are in their yami versions..okay i'll shut up now) But it's basically going to be some sort of battle image that just popped up in my head because really back in the ancient past it was more these two who had a rivarly unlike in the future were it becomes Kaiba vs Yami. Seriously after watching the series it was like..0.o. okay so were did the rivarly come from if them two are acting like best friends..@_@, unless it was from that one battle but he was posessed so he couldn't really do much...
Anyway that's one of the ideas I'm thinking of, coloured in my new style of course.. ^^

Wah I have it all drawn out but I've just got to colour it in..T_T I'm too lazy..wahhh..

Yami Don't worry Ree~Chan it's nearly finished, lol I just need to thin the pastels with some white spirit and then it's all done. @_@ But I did this image ages ago so sorry for the crapness!

Now as it's Pugi's tradition and I have nothing else to do, I have a 2 hour free period..

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Ree~Ree WAHH I LOVE YOUR NEW AVATAR! hehe and your friend fancies most of the England team....0_0;; heh I don't really fancie them but I think some of them are really good players! ^^ Heh I guess I am very patriotic but heh, someones got to be! lol
Thanks for the good grade thing and lol and the Yami picture isn't really much to be happy about..^^; lol
*hugs* thankies. though!

Yamis Pharaohness
Yeah 6 weeks T_T WAHH! lucky people! Heh my art shall be fine.........I hope.
Thankies ^^

Meep don't hurt me..lol. Thanks for the honest reply, but I don't really agree on it.
I'm not really that good when you see the work onthis site..^^;

Lol you rule! lol, your work is more amazing then mine!
Heh I was surprised with the art grade but I'm going to ask the teachers to recheck my grade becuase I seriously feel like I don't deserve that grade..someone else should.

Football is fun! wooty! lol

*hugs* thankies

Whoa what your studying sounds very..@_@ hard, complex and confusing.

Hey are you being sarcy?..baa!

T_T I think we did really well in that heat! We did, it's the stupid ref's fault he wouldn't let us off for water and plus he even stood on one of our players hands and wouldn't let like the physo's come and check the players! EVIL!

Heh trust me my friend we'll be meeting your men for a clash, i swear it!
Heh I watched the German opening game too and I had to say the other team did well as well, heh at least we didn't let a goal in...

Well prove to the world why England, have pride and we shall prove you all wrong.. lol. ^^;


Thanks for all that support and I like your avatar, it's cool. lol I hope we win the nect game too. ^^

Meep sorry I haven't been to your site lately, so sorry!
Wah another lucky summer holiday person.. T_T Why must you all torment me! T_T
*runs off crying* heh but thanks for the art comments and stuff.

Well thank you all those people and I really must be going, my hands feel like they are going to drop off..@_@ anyway thanks everyone and I shall once again post straight after the England game tomorrow..^^


baa bye


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