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Saturday, June 10, 2006

England 1 : Paraquay 0
Heh so yeah here I am straight after the game and we won. Oh yeah, heh thanks to an own goal lol. Anyway was a close game and once I find an image of a group shot of England I'm putting it up on my site to show my support.

Heh thanks to CERM, Reno the Turk, Ree-Ree, yamisgirl and AyaKagami. For the comments and heh and I hope I didn't scare you with my support with my country. *hugs you all* Thankies..

Well nothing much more has been going on in my life. Heh still working on the Wolf's Rain fanart, in my new style and it's taking ages. @_@ Lol. If you don't know my new style check out my fanart 'cos the picture I'm talking about is the Edward Elric pic which was put up on the 24th May.lol... anyway I shall finish that and then I'll sort out the rest of the Yami picture and start on my Shigure picture. Heh oh and I was looking at everyone's fanart and I noticed how much we have all grown in technique and that and I think that's really cool. ^^ heh well done everyone and I can't wait for more art.

Speaking of art, I got my results back for that subject and I either got a high B or a low A but what made me happy was I got told I got the highest grade in the class. Come on I'm allowed to brag about that, i think im shit personally especally when I was mounting the work up and the projects looked so small and kid like. T_T Oh well I'm happy overall heh, especally as our next project we pick an artist and do a project on them. Heh apart from the male teacher was like 'shes going to Manga I bet'. AM NOT! well if your offering..>> lol..I won't though. I'll be a good Pugi.

Well 6 weeks and counting till summer holidays and I have done all of my ALevel exams now, my last one was on Thursday and I think I did well.
I hope but yeah and I still hope I can go to the oct expo, and i am still going as Ed! lol

Anyway I'm going to go and watch the original Itailian Job now, Yay for Micheal Caine. lol.. okays so I'll see you guys later oh and tell me if you updated your fanart in a comment and i'll go and check them ^^ K.


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