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Friday, September 2, 2005

Page 2 Up! Finally! XD

I finally have the second page of my manga up guys! It took forever!!!! GOMEN! Hope you all like it, remember it's read from left to right. ^^'

Preview below

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Lynuka Page 2!!! (Clicky!)

Well I really hope you all like it.. I haven't really been getting many comments lately. Makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong... -.-
Also, here's page 1 for those of you who haven't seen it, just in case ^^ Lynuka Page 1

In other news, I'm starting to feel a little sickaroo... I better not be sick on my birthday or I shall be very pissed off. I hit my art arm on my car door this morning like a dumbass so now I have a huge ass bruise on my arm. Yea... today is definately NOT my day.... I just hope my manga at least gets some good feedback. I shall start the 3rd page soon ^^ Bye for now guys! Don't forget Naruto on Sept 10th! And my bday on the 5th! XD HARDY HAR!

Oh yeaa here's a pic of me I took yesterday, some of you wanted to see a piccy, here I am in my room XD be afraid.... be very afraiddd!

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