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Thursday, May 18, 2006

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Hey everyone. Today was just a normal, boring day at school. Except today there was a riot in the cafeteria, but that sort of thing is not unusual. Here's some news I found out, looks like Boomspeed (the image host I use) is offering more storage space for us boomers. It's 250 megabytes now (it used to be 100 megabytes). Also it looks like I don't need to upgrade, which is good, since when I logged in it said my total space was 250000 KB. They're now even competing against Photobucket. Look at this message:

Boomspeed is #1 in service, price, quality, simplicity and reliability.

A Premium Boomspeed account gives you 250 megs of UNLIMITED hosting service and does not downgrade the quality of your photos like on Photobucket.com.
(which is why I don't use it) With boomspeed you have the highest quality photo resolution there is! It's super fast, better than anything else and nothing beats it! That's why it's been around since 2001! Come try this FREE with no risk!

Yeah, but the problem is, you gotta pay for it, and I do. It's only $6 a month. I'd say that's worth it, you get to host your own webpages, too. So enough rambling about Boomspeed, see you guys later.

Note: The new Boomspeed service is still being kinked out...so if my pictures don't show up sorry.

What's your favorite Kool-Aid flavor?

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