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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday is No Fun...
Hey everyone. Today was another long, boring day at school. Arg, I hate tagless tees, because whenever I wear one, I always, always put it on backwards! And I can't change it during school so I have to wear it like that the whole day. It really bugs me! Anyways, today we had an emergency video in health class that told you what to do in emergency situations like when your baby cuts your husband's head off with a knife or if there's a giant fissure in the earth that splits right through your house. It was hosted by John Ritter, the dude who played Jack from Three's Company (lol, I have a guilty pleasure of watching family sitcoms...). Uhh...err...well other than getting nasty-looking honey mustard at lunch today...nothing else happened today. So see you all later, have a great day.

What's the most digusting thing that your school cafeteria serves?

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