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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School's been great! So far so good I should say. =D I actually got a chance to Join Latin this year and it's going along great, Partly because my friends are there helping me. xD; (Thanks guys!:D) I had quit Guard this year a while back, It was actually quite the relief on me, It's also givin' me a chance to explore other things after school. ^^

That guy was such a Jerk..ANYWAY! I've seen some old faces and plently of new ones Of course this year Making new friends should be no problem. :3 I've been being pretty creative with making some things lately, It's been pretty kewl because Half the time I don't even know they would turn Out good. xP

Lugging around books is a drag though, One day *BAM* My arm falls off somewhere as I'm walking home and then I'm all D:! and then I'm all over putting up "Lost posters" and Offering a $10 reward. ;) Tehe. Oh yeah! I cut my hair on Saturday. I think it was about 3 to 4 inches off, Not to much. I thought about trying Layers so yeah. =D

Well. I guess that's all for now. I haven't updated in a while so this is Super-dooper update! (Dun da dun dun! :>) Hope everyone is well and I expect to hear about the school days so far. >D Love you all! <3333 -Serenity

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