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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random moments, When your Bored
*Hurry up Serenity!!* Shh!! I'm trying. :/ *Hurry up and type out your plan to Dominate the World! >D* Omg.. Are you serious?! I thought we were gonna bake cookies. :D *On the Keyboard?! Gawds, Your stoopid.* D; Fine! Geez!..But I thought you would say Yes to Baking the Cookies so, I already Made Some! :D!

*Well. Okay..*-Takes bite- *HOLY CRAP, THESE COOKIES ARE JESUS IN A BITE-SIZED CONFECTIONARY TREAT! O:! We shall destroy the World later..Who wants a Cookie? :)* YAY!

Hehe. Wanna cookie? Random moments are Fun.


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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well. This is my First Post on my First Eever Otaku!! I'm not really sure what to say on here just yet But, I look forward to looking at my Friends Blogs so I can get to know them more. And uh..Wow. This is gonna be extremely short. x) Hmm. I guess I'll talk about what's going on/ coming up.. My Little Stepbrother is coming and I know my Sister is probably not to happy about that. (Mostly because we kinda get Stuck with watching him. Dx) And I sort of have Summer School. :( I sorta Failed English as My mom said when she was Giving me my Lecture that day. Horrible. Anyway, There are some upsides to all this, in This summer. (I'll name them..Sometime..)Today was fun though. I took my Sister to Diversions and it was all DDR from there :D After that it was Slushi time at Sonic. Thanks for Reading! I'll post more when I think of more Ooober awesome stoof.

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