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Friday, February 8, 2008

   Soo busy sigh...
I have been busy beyond beliefe I owe a vbery good friend of mine a wallpaper and i havent finshed it yet almost done though (shadowme)

GOSH school has been a utter pain in the butt and its so hard trying to keep up to date with myotaku i try to comment on wallpapers and such as much as i can but school life is getting harder and harder as i focuse to maintain a 3.0 GPA (and trust me its effing hard)

Well changed my background again to a nice one that i made and posted in the wallpaper section (woot over 60 DLs and 10 Favs for the win) Guess its my best so far to date!

Anyway its late and i rummaged around in my photoshop and ended up finding this old comic wow this was when the new HP (Harry Potter) was relised lol

well its late you can tell im tired with my spelling i bet haha! well see ya around!

(click the picture for full view)Crazy Undone #3

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