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Sunday, January 20, 2008

   Its been a long long time. Well I posted rofls o.o
Its been a very long time since I last came here to MyOtaku, but Much has changed since I last dropped by here...hmm not many of the friends i used to know are on here anymore but I dont really know since i departed for my long vacation from Myotaku =(

Anyway if your new to my site HII and nice to meet you feel free to stop by and sign my guest book! And if you want a wallpaper Well you can ask me and ill see what i can do just provide me with the anime and such since im bored most of the time lol! Oh where are my manners for those of you who dont know me I am Joshua Myrick nice to meet you lol.

Here is where i keep my wallpaers feel free to comment on them and tell me what i should improve upon (NOTE in the Rei one I have no idea HOW i put in Ray instead of Rei...sad isnt it LOL OR how i was able to say Fate STRAY night rather than Fate Stay hmmm I really must be losing my sense of spelling D:)

my photobucket: http://s184.photobucket.com/albums/x74/projectx9/

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